The truth about our European high festival that has been lied about for centuries by the Judeo-Christians. Hallowing is where the Children are initiated and go to the tombs/graves of their dead ancestors and enter through using their password (mistletoe) in order to go to the “realm of the dead” to return and re-collect the possessions that belong to THEM that were buried with THEM when THEY died. Our forebears believed in rebirth for honorable kinsmen within the tribal folk. Most if not all ancestral religions believe in rebirth within the kindred line. The Hallowing is completed at Yule where the child is given their possessions (the possessions belonging to their forebear, belong to THEM, their inheritance) during that time. The Children who did not pass the tests were given ashes and had to try next year.
That is some of the most basic of knowledge pertaining to the Hallowing and Yule that can be said in the most understandable way for the most amount of European-descended readers to the best of my ability.
Judeo-Christianity must be eradicated and we must return to our European paganism.


A “house goblin” is a Judeo-Christian invention used to deride the best European children who participated in the High Festivals of our European Ancestral Religion.