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November 2nd 2015 – I remember the day David left us like it was yesterday, I was sitting in our office on the computer and the phone rang and it was my roommate telling me that David was dead, I could not believe it, how could this be? We had so many plans, so many projects, who was now going to call me about his site querying the number of visits each day? Who was going to phone just because they heard a joke and they wanted to share it? David was more than the man who penned the 14 words, more than his books, more than everything you read on sites, or from tidbits you hear from people, he was so funny that you would spend half your time on the phone laughing, he was so generous of heart that sometimes you forgot he was in jail and had been there for decades because he would always have words of wisdom or comfort for you, he was my biggest cheering squad and I felt like I could do anything with him being part of my family.

I remember when I first started his site in 2006, it was about 4 years after I took over running freetheorder.org and the emails upon emails of his written works arrived and I felt overwhelmed, I thought I could never get this done and do it justice, it was months of hard work and David passed before we truly got it perfected and everything accounted for, the last time we spoke we had 50 thousand or so visits and he was so happy and eager to add more, he asked us to promise to always keep it up and that promise I will never break ever!

My biggest regret is never seeing his face as he laughed or the mischief on his face as he told us stories of first dates, going to dances and various shenanigans he got up too, he told us so many wonderful stories that made us feel like the luckiest people alive to hear them. He always said I wish you gals got to meet Bob, you could hear the love and admiration he still held for his dear friend even after 20+ years in jail, he never once complained about it, never once said what if, he was still determined to make a change, to inspire, to create, to share, to live his life and he did that everyday from the most harsh of circumstances and he did it with such vigour that you could not help but be inspired by him.

To the most wonderful friend I have ever had, to my teacher, my inspiration, we will continue to walk the path you paved for us. No day will ever exist that can erase you from the memory of time.

Love Always Dearest Friend