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Our Prophet David Wodensson Lane came to Me in a dream and recited his “Nation’s Fate” poem and told Me that We must use it to essentially reach the subconsciousness of our people, especially as their minds are focused on system-politics, though David Lane told us TO NOT FOCUS ON WHAT HAPPENS IN THEIR SYSTEM. All I know is that I had a dream where David Lane recited an old poem He wrote and I woke up reciting it. He told Me in the dream to use this poem:

The best are condemned to useless lives,
When chaos reigns and the merchant thrives.
The basest sort then make sport,
Of those who die with anguished cry,
Because they told the nation’s fate.

Gods of the rabble are greed and lust,
Love and honor turned to dust.
Patriots in cages and liars as sages,
The tyrants rage in every age,
When true men tell the nation’s fate.

Black is white and evil is good,
And nothing pure is understood.
Emotions grow cold and the future is sold.
The senses are sated and the prophets are hated,
Who foretell the nation’s fate.

The state and the press and the church are a tool,
An honest man is labeled a fool.
Every man must abase, culture, kin and even race,
Or face the fearsome despot’s plan, to destroy every man,
Who foretells the nation’s fate.

The whores of the merchants pave the road to hell,
Twisting words to weave a spell.
Master deceivers, making believers,
Misleading men with a cunning pen,
To hate those who tell of the nation’s fate.