If You identify as European Pagan, then You have zero business venerating “St. Valentine”.
The origins of “Valentine’s Day” are deeply rooted in our traditional European polytheism.
“Valentine’s Day” is just another Christianization of our European Pagan culture.
Same as “St. Patrick’s Day” where the “snakes were chased out of Ireland” meaning our Pagan forebears were tied around wheels and circled over burning flames and the most brightest girls were forced to become celibate life-long virgin nuns and never see a man again in their lives except for the Priest at the symbolic-cannibal Mass.

So no, don’t even start with the system-sponsered perversion of our Pagan holy days.
“St. Valentines Day” is Pagan in origin, and You have no business venerating some artificial Jewish replacement.
This applies for Yule and Ostara as well.
Everything in European Christianity is PAGAN in origin. It has been perverted to fit Christianity.

XOXO is Runic code, and the ❤ Heart is holy.
Don't even begin to pervert it.

The "DEVIL" is YHVH/Jehovah.
There is no Black Sabbath.
Sabbath is JEWISH.
There is no Black Mass.
The cannibalistic-Mass is Judeo-Christian.
There is no "Devil". The "Devil" is a Judeo-Christian invention.
In reality, the "Devil" is YHVH/Jehovah/Yeshua.

Go To Your Roots.