“A study of the mind of the Grand Mathematician of the Universe is called Cabalism (Kabbalah) by Jews and Christians. Our folk call such students Hermetic Philosophers. It is fascinating, but also is not a subject that I’ll dwell on today, because civilizations have cycles. At times circumstances allow spiritual pursuits to be predominate in a society. But when threatened with genocide and with extinction, then the males of a tribe of humans must deal with the physical realities. The foundation for a rational and non-suicidal religion is simple, as always the great principles are revealed in brevity. That foundation is this: “Nature and nature’s laws are the work of the Creator.” Therefore nature’s laws are God’s laws. And the first and highest law of nature is the preservation of one’s own kind. That makes the 14 Words a divine command. It also raises the question of what “Creator” means.
First of all, at this time, the perception of “Creator” is not necessarily uniform. Even a professed Atheist can be a Wotanist. To be an Atheist Wotanist, the “Creator” simply means the results of chance over eons of time. However, the fact is, the vast majority of our folk have always believed in a creative force and intelligence that we call God, or us Wotanists call Allfather Wotan. It is ingrained in our genetic memory, in our race soul, in the collective unconscious, and in our heritage.
Sir Francis Bacon was called the greatest mind sent into the world in a thousand years, by the Adepts. He once said, “A little philosophy leadeth men toward atheism, but depth in philosophy leadeth a man toward religion.” Before exploring his reasoning, let me make an insertion at this point.
Our folk, especially our young men, cannot be blamed for embracing atheism today. Neither should we blame our brothers for the destructive deeds they may have done before hearing the great truths of Wotanism. However, with knowledge comes responsibility. Unlike Christians, who teach that no matter how evil a man may be he can repent on his deathbed and go to eternal bliss, Wotanists know that for every action there is a reaction, and for every wrong there is a penalty. Justice requires punishment for wrongdoing.
Elaborating on why we do not put blame on our brothers for deeds of destruction before hearing great truths, we must consider the nature of our minds. The human mind is much like a biological computer, G.I.G.O. (Garbage In, Garbage Out). And 99.9% of all sensory experience in the lives of the young men of our folk has been anti-nature garbage. The “evil White man,” who oppresses women and minorities (actually vast majorities) has been a dominant theme in America and all Western Nations for generations. Our young men have rebelled against a system that grates against their very soul. Unfortunately that rebellion has seldom been constructive and it has led many into prison. Then, here in prison the rebellion usually continues in a self-destructive pattern. Drugs, drunkenness, gambling on Skraeling sports, bluster, and such, are of no value to the individual or his people. All too often our young men, when incarcerated, are quickly led into what I call the “Code of the Convict,” or the convict mentality. How often have you heard the phrase, “He’s a good convict?” Time and again I see a young man come to prison with a short sentence, maybe 5 years. Sometimes in this era they are railroaded into prison on false charges, just because they promoted the 14 Words. But as soon as they get here some group or gang starts to pressure them to join up. Almost always there are some members of the group who have destructive habits and when they have a collision, as they always do, the new recruit is required to support his “brother.” So the 5-year sentence becomes 10 years or 20 years or life. “Brothers” like this we do not need. If it’s the last thing I do before dying in the prisons of my enemy, it will be to change the “Code of the Convict” to the “Code of the Revolutionary.” – http://www.davidlane1488.com/lecture.html