No revolution happens before its time. It cannot be rushed. When the circumstances are right, it cannot be stopped. It can, however, be directed or misdirected. It begins when a far-sighted man, or a few men, of vision and sometimes altruism begin to oppose a corrupt or oppressive system. Human nature among the masses being selfish, the first revolutionary stands alone. Soon a mixed variety begin to join his movement. Unfortunately, the first to opt out of a tyranny are those who, either by lack of education or natural deficiency, cannot cope and prosper within the system. The more capable tend to compromise their principles and settle for prosperity over morality. Eventually, however, the tyranny becomes too all-encompassing to ignore and more capable men join the revolution.

At this time the budding movement necessarily divides into two major segments which in turn have smaller divisions. The major segments are the overt or open cadre, who are the propaganda arm, and the military arm. It is the job of the open cadre to counter system sponsored propaganda, to educate the Folk, to provide a pool of manpower from which the covert or military arm can be built. Above all, they must build a revolutionary mentality. Real and major changes in religious or political power systems do not occur until substantial numbers of people realize the old systems are destructive, genocidal and beyond repair. For these reasons the job of the overt revolutionary is absolutely vital. Additionally, the overt cadre is often known to the spies of the system for there must be spokesmen and publications. So the overt cadre receive the slander of the system media. Since they are under scrutiny, the overt cadre must be rigidly separated from the armed party or the military arm, and must operate within the parameters allowed. The armed party draws recruits from the overt or political arm. When he goes active, it is incumbent upon him to draw no system attention to the overt cadres. In an article I wrote called Ragnarok, I used the term “WOTAN” for the armed party, because it is an excellent anagram for “WILL OF THE ARYAN NATION.” The goal of W.O.T.A.N. is clear. He must hasten the demise of the system before it totally destroys our gene pool. Of course, in occupied countries, the overt arm of the revolution must not detail specifics. But, remember that the greatest danger is always from the traitors amongst one’s own ranks. Whatever or whoever performs valuable service for the system is a tool of the enemy which must be decommissioned. Special attention and merciless terror are visited upon those White men who commit race treason. WOTAN has the complete revolutionary attitude. He is loyal to those who share his cause. All others are expendable. WOTAN is ruthless, mature, capable, self-motivated, silent, deadly and able to blend into the masses. WOTAN receives no recognition for his labors, for if the Folk know his identity, then the occupying powers will soon know him, too.

WOTAN must operate in small, autonomous cells, the smaller the better, even one man operating alone. When the day of judgement and justice come, WOTAN must cleanse the movement of “Johnny come lately’s” and the “Patriots for Profit” who come out of the woodwork. They appear after those who loved their people paid with their lives or imprisonment. Patriots are few and far between when tyranny is strong. As the tyrant falls, patriots abound. But their patriotism is suspect. Accept no revolutionary leader who has not paid his dues with longevity, determination, sacrifice, defiance, dedication to unvarnished truth and love of his people. The revolutionary knows that we cannot love our people without hating those who destroy us. All true emotion has opposite poles. The revolutionary thinks of the White child bussed to integrated schools to be de-racinated, mugged, robbed, raped and terrorized, and knows the perpetrators of such immeasurable horror must be punished. For this and uncountable crimes against nature and against the survival of our own species, WOTAN will exact the appropriate penalty. Evil unpunished and unavenged will continue forever. Evil do-ers left alone will again pursue their destructive ways, for the defects in their nature are fact. If our children are indeed to have a future, then examples must be set of the penalties for treason. If you are a fence-sitter, a Real Estate agent selling homes to Coloreds in White neighborhoods, a Judeo-Christian racial egalitarian preacher, a Federal pigdog or any other treasonous swine, be on notice. One day, WOTAN will be coming to visit you. You deserve no mercy — and none will be given.