Since first exposing that the bible, and particularly the KJV, is a coding device in the traditional manner of the Hermetic philosophers and secret societies responsible for creating our major religions, I have pondered how to explain this in a way which could not be denied by rational people.

In order to get your immediate attention, I will begin with some easy examples of the canonical number 1938 on which the KJV is built. Then with the Hermetic parable of Methuselah we will see how the author of the KJV coded proof that the numbering system is not coincidence. Lastly, I will show the reasons for a sacred number canon in a mystery religion.

In all mystery religions the major holy names, as well as some words and phrases, are designed as mantras and as devices to encode the ancient number canon and prophecies. When Sir Francis Bacon and other Initiates designed the names used in the KJV it was with English language gematria, which is simply: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 and so on. Other languages such as Greek and Hebrew use more complicated formulae. The most familiar to us is Roman gematria: I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500 and so on. See that the first six Roman numerals represent 666 from the sum of the Sun Square: I + V = 6, X + L = 60 and C + D = 600 which is 6 + 60 + 600 = 666.

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Here is the name Jesus Christ by gematria:

Jesus Christ

Above each letter is its numerical value according to its placement in the alphabet. The exact center of the name is 1938, with seven digits and four letters on each side. In other writings I have shown how 74 taken from the Sun Square is called the “Number of the Creator” by initiates. Thus, the words “God” and“Jesus” reflect that number by gematria:

G = 7
O = “O” represents the Sun and Sun Square inside the Zodiac circle.
D = 4


Now turn to the 19th chapter of the bible, Genesis 19, and see it has 38 verses, thus coding 1938.


Next arrange the 66 books of the bible in alphabetical order. The 19th book is Haggai and it has 38 verses to encode 1938.

Now look in an encyclopedia under “calendar” and see that the Hebrew and Ecclesiastical calendars are built on the 19 year Metonic cycle of the moon. 19 was the sacred number of both Mayan and ancient Egyptian religion. 38 is two Metonic cycles and 1938 is 102 Metonic cycles.

The longest and most Hermetic book in the KJV is Psalms, which is placed as the 19th book in traditional order. Your concordance will confirm that David or David’s appears precisely 88 times in the body and titles of Psalms.

I have shown elsewhere the equation 88 Squared hidden in the Song of Solomon. 88 is another particularly reverenced number in the sacred canon. In Revelation and Isaiah you will find reference to the “Key of David.” The word “David” is the major key to unlocking the coding system.

The parable of Methuselah provides an excellent way to expose Hermetic coding. Methuselah is made to be the oldest man that ever lives. Hermetic coding uses pointers to say, “Look here!” Pointers may be the longest, the shortest, the oldest, the center, the first, the last, deliberate error or whatever causes a phenomenon. Methuselah, being the oldest, becomes a double pointer, for age implies wisdom. An initiate in the mysteries, if seeing the bible for the first time, would note immediately the masses of numbers having nothing to do with moral tenets and know that it was Hermetic coding, or what Jews call cabalism.”

In Genesis 5 we find that Methuselah lives 187 years and has a son. Then he lives an additional 782 years and he lives 969 total years. Since 969 is exactly half of that canonical number 1938, then naturally by adding the three numbers 187 + 782 + 969 we get the major number 1938.

The numbers with a message witness themselves to prove they are not coincidence. The 969 years of Methuselah are divided into two periods. 187 years before his son and 782 after. That is double entendre telling you to divide into. So divide 969 into 187,782. The dividend rounded to the nearest tenth is 193.8.

The story continues. In Luke 3 is a complete list of the Patriarchs from Jesus back to Adam. Methuselah is word 969 in the chapter and his name is changed to MATHuselah.


The last half of the name Methuselah is “Selah”, a hitherto mysterious word that appears exactly 74 times in the KJV, as another tie between 1938 and 74. Selah is found predominately in Psalms, the 19th book commonly associated with David. Most importantly, Selah is a signature at the end of Psalm 46. The author of the KJV, Sir Francis Bacon, used as his cipher signature the numbers 666 and 33. That is why you will find 33 words in the center chapter and shortest chapter of the bible, Psalm 117. Now count 666 chapters backward from the end of the bible (Revelation 22). You will find that the 666th chapter from the end is Psalm 46. Count 46 words from the beginning of the psalm and the word is“shake.” Exclusive of Bacon’s signature word “Selah”, you will find that the 46th word from the end of the psalm is “spear.” And that is how Sir Francis Bacon tells you he wrote the works falsely attributed to Shakespeare and that he is responsible for the KJV of the bible. (Note: And many words we use today: )



So, what does it all mean? And why do adepts attach such importance to canonical numbers? I explained much in the booklet called The Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals.” But, for those who have not seen that booklet, here is the most concise explanation I can give. Please, also, ignore the fact that I was born in 1938 and that I have used the coding to give authority to the 88 Precepts and 14 Words. What I want to deal with here are the laws of mathematical probability and the ancient wisdom that has been preserved for thousands of years by the secret societies and Hermetic philosophers.


A great wisdom of the adepts is, that while the words of men are subject to interpretation, twisting and the like, the relationship of number is constant forever.. This is why the great truths have always been coded in mathematics and related geometry. The seven wonders of the ancient world, including the Great Pyramid, were constructed under the supervision of initiates to reflect and preserve the ancient wisdom. The whole numbers in the famous angle of the Great Pyramid are 38 degrees from vertical and 51 degrees from horizontal. 38 and 51 are the center two of the 16 factors of 1938. And 38 x 51 = 1938. Now look at the building of Solomon’s Temple in its coded form in I Kings 6 and 7. It is begun in chapter 6 and completed in chapter 7. The two chapters have 38 and 51 verses, respectively, again because 38 x 51 = 1938.

For those who wish to investigate what I say, it can all be verified in just four books. They are: The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, “The New View Over Atlantis” by John Michell, “Serpent in the Sky” by John Anthony West and “5-5-2000” by Richard Noone. But as briefly as possible I will summarize.

From the meticulous observations of Nature, from the cycles, shapes, planes and spacings of the cosmos, on down to the geometry of earthbound matter and even life forms, the ancients found evidence of an intelligence and power which came to be called “God.” From the spirals of the galaxies to the hexagons of snowflakes and honeycomb, all nature testifies to the existence of what they called the“Grand Geometrician/Mathematician of the Universe.” Still today, Freemasons call God the “Grand Architect of the Universe” and their major symbols are the square and compass.

The ancients, also, found that the geometry of all creation could be given quantitative value, or number, through seven mathematical devices. These devices are now denigrated as the first Seven Magic Squares, or just The Seven Squares, since larger squares are repetition of the patterns. In the coding system of all the mystery religions these squares then became a multitude of symbols. They have been called the Seven Lotus Blossoms, Seven Arms, Seven Powers of God and dozens of other terms. In the KJV they are the Seven Pillars, Seven Eyes, Seven Churches, Seven Candles, Seven Horns, Seven Heads, Seven Angels and so on. Most relevant is the term “Seven Spirits of God.” The seven armed Menorah of synagogues and churches represents these figures. Disclosure of them is called “Opening the Seven Seals of Revelation.” For the bible, and especially the KJV, is a Hermetic image of the seven squares.

7 magic

The Hermetic philosophers of the mystery schools, also, discovered that the human mind is controllable through knowledge of the secret wisdom. For a quick example, our minds are constructed to enjoy seven harmonic notes labeled A through G. Everything that exists is the result of specific vibrations and wave lengths. Mystery religions use precisely created rituals, chants, music, incense and structures which reduce a population to helplessness. The Latin mass was one of the most powerful such occult rituals ever built.

Of course, should the masses become aware that access to truth, and of course the Creator’s real laws, were available from observation of nature and from access to the arcane teachings, then the hoaxters and tyrants of church and state would lose their power. Therefore, this wisdom has been mercilessly persecuted for thousands of years and has only survived by secret coding within overt religions and structures. The Roman church was determined to be the only possessor of the occult wisdom. With the inquisition they persecuted the initiates who inspired the Protestant Reformation, as well as adepts like the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Rosicrucians, early Masonic Orders, Witches, Odinists and Gnostics. In fact, the first Christianity was Gnostic and was ruthlessly suppressed. Still today, the hierarchy of the church will say that Gnosticism is their worst enemy. Tyrants demand “belief” in a dogma that benefits them. Men who desire freedom must learn that “belief” is the murderer of Reason. Needless to say, the secret brotherhoods have power and wisdom beyond our comprehension. The seven wonders of the ancient world were built over the course of 44 centuries, yet they encode the same sacred number canon.

When a nation or religion formed by the adepts becomes a great tyranny, then by subtle and invisible, but nonetheless irresistible forces, it is brought down. We see this today, as America has become the destroyer of the integrity of every race, nation and culture on the globe. So now America self-destructs.

Religions, also, have a cycle of birth, life and death. From your dictionary you can confirm that Arimathea, as in Joseph of Arimathea, comes from the Greek word for arithmetic. In the Gnostic Gospel of John, turn to chapter 19 verse 38. It concerns the burial of Jesus by Joseph of AriMATHea, for the name Jesus as representative of God will be ended by MATH and 1938. See related verses in Revelation 3:12 and 2:17.

This is only a tiny portion of the coding system. It is presented in the memory of the countless martyrs in the cause of reason, who were murdered and tortured by the mindless believers, and at the behest of tyrants for thousands of years. It should not be taken as a denial of the Creator we call God, but rather as exposure of the tyranny of priestcraft and statecraft.

I remain yours for uncompromising truth, reason and the victory for the Fourteen Words that will come from acceptance of reality.

David Lane


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