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We can all agree that many have committed ghastly crimes in our world, but no matter how you see it there is one group that stands out as so much more criminal, cruel and horrible in this context, even compared to the Communists (murderers of tens of millions). Yes, I am of course talking about Christendom: the worst destroyer of culture, of religion, of traditions and of peoples and races. Christendom has close to exterminated the Northern American natives and their culture, and is causing or has caused terrible famines, wars and destructions in Africa and Asia too. It has been no less a catastrophe to our own Europe though. In fact it has been worse for Europe than for anybody else.

Apologists for Hitler’s Germany are imprisoned, demonized, put in the stocks and stripped of all civil rights, but apologists for Communism and Christianity are hired en masse to educate our children, to entertain us with TV and radio shows and to present the news to us as they see fit. They are because they are working for the same enemy; for those behind both these genocidal tools.

Today Europe is waking up. In fact we have been waking up slowly ever since the Renaissance; the Pagan (European) ideals and ideas are returning and re-kindling the spirit of life in Europe. We no longer worship death and destruction; we no longer plan to leave this planet for some fictional and utterly meaningless “Paradise”; we no longer care only for our own personal salvation and forgiveness, for sins we have never committed; we no longer bury ourselves in self-loathing and beg for forgiveness for being Europeans; we no longer worship some evil demi-urge of Hebrew origin; we no longer participate in the degradation and destruction of ourselves and everything we hold dear. Yes, more and more Europeans wake up and embrace their own nature! More and more of us become complete human beings; European minds and spirits in European bodies. We reject the filth of the desert peoples, and their international psychosis; their mongrel ideas.

In this process of waking up we see amongst us apologists for Christianity, and the other genocidal tools designed to finish us off, showing up trying to make us forgive and forget, and to keep tolerating the evil in our world.

Yes, many Christians are waking up too, and in theory they should join us, and cast aside the foreign yoke, but they don’t; instead they come up with excuses for clinging to their Hebrew “religion”. They turn a blind eye to reality and in effect continue to assist our enemies – and to secure them a future in Europe. They don’t want to do this. They don’t know they do. But they do.

There is no apology for what Christians have done and is doing to Europe – and to others in the world too. There is no excuse in this world for what they have done. They have been nothing but a destructive and genocidal force in this world since the creation of their so-called “religion”. Everything good created and done under Christendom came not as a consequence of Christianity, but in spite of it. Europe didn’t survive because of Christendom, but in spite of it. Every good man who is a Christian is good not because of Christianity, but in spite of it. Christianity is poison to this world, a plague tormenting the Earth, a virus infecting and killing innocents, filth soiling us and nothing else, and must be treated accordingly. It was created as a tool to destroy us, and it is nothing else than this.

Dear good Christians; I know that most of you are good people, good to the core, and that you want to do good, but you can not when chained to evil by your hateful foreign religion. Wherever you go you bring that tool of death with you. Whatever you do good and right you do it in the name of that tool of destruction, and you thus strengthen it.

Cast it aside and return to Europe! Keep all the good you saw in Christianity, because this is all found in Europe too; justice, kindness, law and chivalry, it was all taken from our old religion – to lure good Europeans into this sinister Christian cult. To lure them into becoming destroyers and murderers of Europe.

Christianity has failed, even though the Christians have tried to destroy Europe and have murdered Europeans for more than a thousand years now. Europe is still here. But for now. This might change, and it might change soon – unless Europe wakes up, arises and casts aside the yoke of “the enemy”: feminism, capitalism, materialism, “tolerance”, internationalism, socialism, humanism etc., but not least Christianity.

There is no excuse for what the Christians have done to Europe, and there is no excuse for any Europeans to stick to this despicable foreign cult of hatred and death.

Europe is Pagan. We are all Pagans by blood. Hail Europe! Hail and Joy!