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The term “God” is Deus in Latin, from Old Latin Divus. This is actually just a name for the deity we know better as Iuppiter, and from Ancient Greece as Zevs, from Ancient Scandinavia as *Tîwaz and from Sanskrit as Dyaus. All these names derive from proto-Indo-European*Dyeus/*Diwus.

The evolution of the Scandinavian Tyr:

Norwegian: Tyr

Norse: Tyr (pl. Tivar)

Younger proto-Nordic: *TîwaR

Older proto-Nordic: *Tîwaz (=the name used in Scandinavia in Classical Antiquity)

Proto-Indo-European: *Dyeus/*Diwus

The word has come to mean “sky”, but the original meaning is “(heavenly) beams”; it refers to the many light sources on our firmament sendingbeams of light down to us; the Sun and the Moon as well as millions of stars. *Diwus is a Sky God. The Sky God.

As part of this Sky God you will find many other deities: Sun deities, Moon deities, Lightning deities, Thunder deities, Day deities, Night deities, Dawn deities, Sorcery deities, War deities, Spirit deities, and so forth. They all stem from the Sky God, and are a part of him.

Dear European Christians: this is our God. If you wish to pray to and follow a Sky God, please at least follow our own Sky God, and not some Hebrew demiurge from the desert. HailaR TîwaR!

The Sky God! 


PS. If you still believe our forebears believed that the Earth was flat please take a look at the globe representing the Earth on this wall painting from Pompeii (destroyed anno 79)! Flat Earths are notcommonly depicted as globes…