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Science is not a new thing; ever since we came to be here on Earth we have tried to understand the world we live in. The first to do so, the first scientists, were sorcerers, who tried to figure out the relationship between the spirits of nature and man. Their spells and other activities often resulted in highly scientific results, and e. g. medicine – yes even modern medicine – is based on their work. In Classical Antiquity we saw much more scientific work, but science in Europe was then interrupted by about a thousand years of darkness, as Judeo-Christianity prevailed in Europe. We emerged from this suffocating darkness when the European (i. e. Pagan) ideals resurfaced, in the Renaissance, and ever since science has been advancing in the same speed as Judeo-Christianity has retreated.

Science has never been completely honest though: even from the beginning the sorcerers often understood that at least some of the things they did were pure humbug, but in order to keep their power – as sorcerer-kings and rulers of society – they kept up the charade.

Sorcery was with time replaced by religion (actually a horrible set-back to science), and was then eventually replaced by a religion of ‘reason’, of science itself: the priest was replaced by the scientist, the words of “God” by scientific laws, “the Creation” by “The Big Bang” and the saviour was replaced by Einstein. Rather than be burned alive for pointing at the illogical properties of the current trend in belief systems, the critics of modern science are thoroughly ridiculed and ‘socially castrated’ – or even diagnosed with all sorts of horrible and emberrassing mental illnesses. If you question any of their “laws” or point at less praiseworthy sides of Einstein you will be viciously attacked by them and their followers – i. e. the media and other servants of the system. Or as one can say: by the zealots of the new religion called “science”.

The scientists do just like the priests of the past: they talk about ‘miracles’ (of science) and present their interpretations of events that the majority has no opportunity to in any way validate. So if a priest can swear that he knows that Jesus walked on water, then you just have to trust that he in fact did. Likewise, if a scientists says that this or that is true, then you just have to trust that to be true. His colleges confirm that he is right, so why would you doubt him? Before “God has said so” was enough to install blind obedience and trust, and today “it is scientifically proven” does the same.

In effect, man today is no less a slave to the will of the priests, to the sorcerers and their humbug.

Sorcery had spirits, the priests have a ‘saviour’, and science has Einstein. Even today we don’t really know if spirits exist, we have found no way to prove or disprove it, and whether Jesus was real or not is not even relevant, because even if he was real it doesn’t mean that he was anything like the priests say he was like, and Einstein…. Yes, what can we say about Einstein? I will let Ian Mosley say a few words about Einstein.

So Einstein was a plagiarist and a fraud. The one most known and famous symbol of modern science was a fraud! Interesting… And they do their best to keep this a secret. Just like the sorcerers did their best to keep it a secret that their spells didn’t actually work; just like the priests keep it a secret that Jesus never even existed, but is just a fictional character created by “cut and paste” activity; by stealing ideas from other religions.

Is all science a fraud then? Of course not. But modern science is being misused to enslave us all, to seduce, to fool and to dupe us all, and to ensure that we all serve the agenda of those in power – i. e. those who control science.

So what are we left with? Disillusionment? Yes. And where do we stand? Are we back to where we started? Sorcery? Well, in a sense yes. We still have no idea about even the laws of nature, and we can – through reason alone – understand that much of what the scientists tell us is plain wrong. That is, if you have the courage to think for yourself, of course. Not many do: most just want to fit in and follow the herd. The prospect of having to live justly in solitude is more scary to them than the prospect of having to walk shamefully into certain doom along with the herd.

We need to throw all dogmas out the windows, and start from scratch. We need to get rid of all respect for the scientists and their claimed results, and be rude enough to question everything anew. Today we don’t ask, because we are told that Einstein was a genius and had the answers, and we are too stupid to know better than him. Only he wasn’t a genius: he was a fraud… and many others in science were frauds too. How many?

Question everything you hear. Think everything over, and see if it makes sense. If it does, believe in it. If it doesn’t, don’t trust it to be true. No matter what scientists say; don’t trust them. Trust your faculties of reason instead.

Hail WôðanaR (Óðinn), the anthropomorphised faculty reason!