As the father of modern Wotanism (Odinism), at least some have called me that, I feel compelled to clear up some misconceptions. First let me make it quite clear that never have I meant any disrespect for such dedicated men as Pastor Richard Butler, Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet, or other honorable leaders of the Identity movement. 

Second, I do not deny the existence of some creative force and intelligence in the universe, which men have called God, and then anthropomorphized with many names over countless centuries. Some say a cosmic mind. 

Third, I believe, and teach, that the King James Bible (KJV) contains a coded religion and philosophy designed to expose our enemies and save our kind. 

Fourth, I believe that for the truly perceptive and intellectually honest person there are few contradictions between the Old Testament philosophy and Wotanism. 

All that said, now let me explain why I felt it necessary to split with Identity as it was being taught. In doing so I will quote from the KJV, and remind the reader of the warning at the end of the book of Revelation against any changes in the wording. For example, the first and last verses of the KJV each has 44 letters for a total of 88 letters. This is one of the four Alpha and Omegas in Revelation. So you can see what the slightest change can do to the coding system. 

Speaking of 88, note the pyramid on the Great Seal of the U.S.A. on the back of the dollar bill. See that the cpstone is the 14th level and the 88th stone. Does 14 – 88 mean anything to you? Now see the 14 Words of Psalm 118 verse 22, to wit, “The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.” That is the separated “refused” capstone on the Great Seal. 

Next note the repeated number 14 in Matthew 1 verse 17, including the 14th Word and what name is connected to 14. Finally turn to Luke Chapter 3 and discover an additional 14 generations, often different names, proving that the generations are only a deception in the coding device. Now I direct the scholar to Revelation 2 verse 17 and Chapter 3 verse 12, which state that God will take a new name, written in A WHITE STONE. Not only is A WHITE STONE an anagram, rearrange the letters and they spell THEE IS WOTAN, but it sends an undeniable message. That message being that “God” can be honored by different names. 

Next lets discuss the racial philosophy of Identity, to wit, that the Israelites of the Old Testament were early Aryans. Indeed the survival of a unique race of people requires that they believe they are special, or in religious terms, “Gods Chosen”.

Over the millennia many people have called themselves Israelites and God’s Chosen People. Among them the Scots of 1,000 years ago, various African tribes, the Sephardic Jews, and later the Khazarian Jews. In fact, this belief that they are “God’s Chosen”, allowed Jews to conquer the world and sentence our race to death. So let us not deny the power of such a religious belief. 

What we must also recognize however is that this “belief” will work for ANY people that adopt it. The Creator made lions to eat lambs, hawks to eat sparrows, wolves to eat rabbits and the races of man to battle for women, territory, and life. The Creator also gave each race and specie a method to survive, whether by fecundity, vigilance, intellect, or warfare or flight. 

The Creator does not interfere in the process. God’s chosen people is a PHILOSOPHY, not an escape from the hard reality of natural law which says, FIGHT OR DIE

Additionally we run into problems if we demand beliefs which contradict historical facts or modern science. Again this is not to deny that the power and intelligence we call the Creator exists. Everything that exists consists of electromagnetic patterns, vibrations and wavelengths, perhaps including non-biological intelligence. And there is even the possibility of more advanced species that were the “Gods” of antiquity. Remember the mating between the Sons of the Gods and the daughters of men in Genesis six?

In this desperate age we must recognize that God, or the Gods, are not the same thing as religion. Religions are the creation of men for various purposes, sometimes constructive, sometimes destructive, but always to guide or control the masses. Religions are parable, allegory, philosophy and myth. THEY ARE NOT HISTORY!

The Old Testament is a separatist religion in accord with Nature’s laws. And if we are to survive as a people, we must understand the following brief and simple tenet. 

“Nature and Nature’s laws are the work of the Creator. Therefore Nature’s laws are God’s laws. And the first and highest law of Nature is the preservation of one’s own kind. That makes the 14 Words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” a divine command. 

The Old Testament commands the Israelites to drive out or exterminate all other people in the lands they occupy. That is the concept of the exclusive territorial imperative necessary to the survival of a unique race of people. What IDENTITY must do is IDENTIFY with the PHILOSOPHY of the Old Testament. 

There are however three changes that I believe the Identity teachers must make if the KJV, the most common book in the English language, is to fulfill its potential as a powerful tool in the salvation of our race.

First they must recognize that the Old Testament writings have been in the hands of our enemy for many, many centuries. Therefore every verse must be strained through the test of conformity to Natural law to determine its authenticity. Remember that Nature’s laws are the Creator’s bible, and the writings of men are only interpretations of the Creator’s law. Always go to the source. 

Secondly, the Identity teachers must learn the coding system of the KJV. The system was inserted by Aryan Adepts in the ancient “Mysteries”, particularly by Sir Francis Bacon. For example the 74 words of Revelation 2 verse 9 and 3 verse 9, which identify the Jews as the Synagogue of Satan. There is much more to the 74 words, but for the moment lets just consider the number 74. 

Note 74 stones in the face of the pyramid on the Great Seal of the U.S. A. See 74 rays of the sun around the capstone. Note that July 4, i.e. 74, is the date ascribed to the U.S.A. Declaration of Independence.

Note the words God, Jesus, Gospel and Messiah as designed by the adepts. Let A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc. 

G = 7
O = the Sun and Sun Square inside the Zodiac circle
D = 4

Thirdly, and this is the hardest for Christians to accept, the New Testament religion must be recognized for the poison it is, and was designed to be. It was created as a Universalist religion (Catholic means Universal) to unite the many races, nations, cultures and religions of the Roman Empire, in 325 A.D. as time is now reckoned. Its fathers are Constantine and the Jews who ruled the Roman Empire. For those who would argue, understand this, Empires do not create or allow separatist religions. To do so would fracture their empire. They in fact persecute separatist religions. 

When the religion was created the events were back dated 300 years and placed over 1,000 miles East of Europe in Palestine so no one could deny them. And Jews were ascribed the title of “God’s Chosen People”. The apparent contradictions in the Gospels reflect both the conflicts between Universalist Jews and Separatist Jews as well as later insertions by the Adepts.

You see when the Church forced the new religion on Europe with torture, murder, deceit and bribery, the Adepts of our indigenous religion infiltrated the Church and as monks and scribes it is they who created the coded bible to preserve true knowledge. The Knights Templar were Adepts whom the Church tortured to death in ways too gruesome to describe. The KJV is the Templars’ revenge. 

The New Testament religion must be judged by its results. It has brought 1700 years of oppression, of genocide, of torture, of denial of science and progress, of slavery, of Jew worship, and now near extinction for our race. 

I realize how difficult it is for most folk to face unpleasant realities about the religions or nations they have been conditioned to accept or even adore. But facts and reality can no longer be ignored. 

Just as we must face the fact that in the wars, revolutions, and assassinations that America has financed, instigated, and participated in, from Dixie, to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Afghanistan, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, and on and on, the dead and maimed victims number perhaps 200 million, half of them White folk. 

Determined to destroy the integrity of races, nations and cultures, and most particularly to mix, overrun, integrate, miscegenate, reduce by war, and ultimately exterminate the White race, the Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine has been an engine of holocaust, genocide and death unmatched in history. 

Perceptions of moral authority are vital to the survival of a people. But still our folk worship this beast and its flag. Executioner worship must end and that entails intellectual honesty about the history and agenda of both political and religious entities. I could continue with exposing true history as well as the coding system of the KJV for many pages. 

So let me conclude with an exposure of the MATH CODE in the KJV that cannot be denied by anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty. Shown first is the Hermetic number pyramid of the name Jesus Christ as designed by the Aryan Adepts just a few centuries ago. Let A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc., then place the appropriate number above each letter. Then add adjacent digits until getting a single digit and place it above. Examples are 21 and 74. 

If necessary add twice as in 74. 7 + 4 = 11 then 1 + 1 = 2 so

Note 7 digits and 4 letters left of 1938
Note digits and 4 letters right of 1938
Note 7 levels in the pyramid ending in 4 digits of 1938

Now go to John 19 verse 38 i.e. 1938. In it Jesus is buried by a man named ARIMATHAEA. In the next verse ARIMATHAEA is helped by a man named NICODEMUS. 

MATH CODE is in the KJV, designed to expose the Synagogue of Satan, to return us to a Nature based religion, and to save the White Aryan race. 

David Lane