88 Ideas for Activists updated for 2018 by Pale One Ministries

01 Keep running tabs on local politics.

(Proselytize the White Genocide memes to those masses at large. We need to promote Separatism, Secession, Balkanization & emphasize the death of “United States”. Many in the 14 Words cause have little to no understanding of this issue despite David Eden Lane writing about it incessantly through 14 Word Press. Consider spreading the White Genocide talking points on post-cards and sending them to prominent people in small White towns throughout the West and elsewhere.)

02 Write or visit P.O.W.’s.

(To know what it takes to be a P.O.W. then read this article by Richard Scutari. Start a mail ministry, even if it is as simple as a post card. Consider reading or listening to the Racial Loyalist Manifesto from imprisoned martyr of the White Racial Loyalist cause, Matt Hale who did nothing morally wrong in any way, shape or form.)

03 Adopt and raise White children.

(Consider having your own damn children. Understand that the 14 Words cause is primarily directed towards disenfranchised White males and the only valid reason for “legal” organizations is to disseminate propaganda. If they are telling the unvarnished and desperate truth, they should be supported, funded, and honored for their efforts. If not, then they need to f*ck off. If they trash-talk David Lane, then they are worthy of absolutely no support. If they claim they carry on the 14 Words cause and legacy he formulated but advocate against his teachings as codified in Deceived, Damned & Defiant then they are not to be associated with. As for adopting White children, only adopt White children you are related to. Daily Stormer makes a good point. The 14 Words cause also stands for polygamy for exceptional men. And we believe ideally women should marry at around 16 to 20. “Firestarter Media” burned to the ground after they engaged in a flame war with a 23 year old guy who advocated that women marry at 16 in accordance with David Lane’s teachings and even those of Varg Vikernes: 

Consider reading the book KD Rebel. But please understand the real messages in KD Rebel. To name a few; an exclusive territorial imperative is absolutely vital; warfare is unavoidable if our kind is to survive; the basic male instinct of sexual lust is nature’s plan for the survival of each race and specie; the capture of women is not immoral; and that a religion of the folk must incorporate nature’s laws and genetic memory.

While we are still able to use the internet it remains our best tool for awakening more of our folk. We must take full advantage. An occasional public demonstration at carefully chosen localities can be good for morale. But the territorial imperative is necessary.)

04 Take self-defense classes.

(Well, Whitey, the time of reckoning is at hand. Stand up now or face racial extinction. Build a homeland or die trying. There is no longer anything to lose except slander and slavery. It’s time to get tough, physically and mentally. Put away the beer and the drugs. Turn off the TV. Take a course in real martial arts, not the goofy stuff on TV. Richard Scutari of the Order Bruder Schweigen can point out the proper martial arts discipline, as he is a true expert.

Join one of the three arms of the resistance. Build a homeland. Learn the skills of survival without modern conveniences. Learn to avoid scrutiny by Big Brother. There can be no more compromise with reality denial.

Until we have a White homeland with defensible borders, or at least secret borders, you will not have many of our beautiful women. And even then for a while you will have to capture them and re-educate them. From time immemorial those out of power have raised armies with promises of plunder, revenge and above all the seizing of women. This is the time of Ragnarok when all false dogmas die. Morality consists of reproduction, survival of the race, and loyalty to our comrades. And not much else.)

05 Patronize a pro-White magazine with financial support..

(Please pick very wisely. We for example do not support “Women For Aryan Unity”, “Gallows Tree”, “Asatru Alliance”, “Odinic Rite” and actually consider Stephen McNallen to be very sketchy because all throughout the 80’s and 90’s he was against the Pro-White cause and the OR and AA specifically made it clear that they would have nothing to do with 14 Word Press. When the old AFA dissolved, part formed the AA and the others formed “ThE tRoTh“. Now, McNallen is leading a “Wotan Network” that has no clear goal besides mountain-climbing and spreading memes. That is all good and well, but unless the end goal is a White Ethnostate at least in some way similar to that of KD Rebel, it is f*cking pointless. It’s either our way or the highway.) 

06 Learn to work a shortwave radio.

(Let KD Rebel chapter 5 inspire you.)

07 Tutor a “new recruit”.

08 Copy [Pro-White] music onto demo tapes and distribute it to teenagers.

(Consider just linking them up with Mr. Bond, RWDS and other alt-right music videos)

09 Order sausage pizzas for your local rabbi.

(Distribute 14 pieces of Pro-White literature daily, if possible)

10 Put business cards in library books.

11 Learn to use and maintain all weapons at your disposal.

(Billy Roper with ShieldWall Network has information on this.)

12 Build or rent a clubhouse.

(In fact, if you are with the NSM or some other Nat-Soc/WN group, we need you to migrate to the Pacific Northwest/Northern Mountain States. Let’s make Seattle the headquarters of IDENTITY EVROPA and lets make Spokane the headquarters of NSM.)

13 Start and maintain a web page.

(lol. Study David Lane’s writings and get active.)

14 Build archives – collect old books, magazines and textbooks.

(We love dank meme collections)

15 Post up warning signs if a pedophile or drug dealer moves to your neighborhood.

(By pedophile, make sure they actually hurt a kid, like a 4 year old. Because in the 14 Words cause, there is nothing wrong with “kidnapping”, re-educating and impregnating teenage thots, especially when you yourself are in your 20’s. If you are in your early 30’s, try thots in their early 20’s.)
16 Grow organic food in your backyard.

(We helped co-found ORDER15 and are the reason they use light-blue and a sunwheel symbol)

17 Form an pro-White book club.

(We would say form a Stormer Book Club but are fiercely against American Nationalism as is the 14 Words cause.)

18 Learn a second or third language.

(It might be a good idea to learn Russian. There are dozens of Slavic churches in the Pacific Northwest and David Lane talked about the revolution that must take place in Eastern Europe. Bernhardt Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator advocated a revitalized form of Latin as the international auxiliary language for  the White Racial Community. Do your own study. German is probably a good choice as well. Whatever languages you decide to learn, make sure they are European. But Russian is a practical language because Rudyard Kipling predicted that Russia would play a major role in the survival of the White Race. We heed his and David’s words.)

19 Disinformation campaign! Apply to Jews, Homos, leftists, Anti-Racists and more. Be creative.

20 Study up on other cultures – objectively.

21 Marketing-think of new and creative themes to get the message across.

(The main valid aspect of the aboveground arm of the resistance is the dissemination of propaganda, not to act as “membership groups”. Consider making your stake with disseminating the White Genocide memes: http://www.fightwhitegenocide.com/resources/ )

22 Start up an pro-White college fund.

(“For those willing to be chameleons, there are junior colleges and trade schools at which our youth can learn something technical that will allow thrifty families to eke out an acceptable, although not gaudy, lifestyle.

We should never feel reluctant to take advantage of government paid programs to enhance income or education. Some have called it “bleeding the beast.” Remember that it is money stolen primarily from White taxpayers that funds these programs, so it is ours from the beginning. But beware to not become so dependent as to compromise your commitment to the 14 Words. Use it to breed and rear White children or it will be used to breed even more colored children.”)

23 Boycott local stores that employ [non-Whites or exhibit anti-White behavior].





24 Recruit the elderly living in multicultural neighborhoods.

25 Put “our” CD’s on consignment in stores.

26 Create or fund pro-White comic books.


27 Establish pro-White libraries for local believers.

(Build a cabin-church like the AN did in Montana) 

28 Warn other activists about movement losers.

(Pass on to others only those words which you have personally verified. And make sure you judge by the standards David Lane gave.)

29 Form a “mainstream” business staffed by movement activists.

30 Exercise.

31 Have and raise as many children as you can afford.

32 Be as active in the mainstream White community as possible.

33 Write lyrics and poetry.

(If possible, make Pro-White music.)

34 Start an internet radio station.

(We probably don’t need those. We do need archives kept of already made materials though, especially from Youtube)

35 Find a “free newspaper” magazine rack. Grab all the junk you can, toss it away, & replace with pro-White material.

(Place fliers in newspapers. David Lane put fliers in merchandise in stores.)

36 Buy bulk rates of good literature.

37 Gift for speaking? Call up universities and high schools and ask if you can speak to a class about our beliefs.

38 Start up or patronize daycares for young pro-White families.

39 Find bookstores to sell our literature.

40 Invest in a Pro-White record company – financially.

41 Patronize our artists.

42 Support good White companies.

43 Go to colleges and distribute literature.

44 Combat our “movement driftwood” by any means necessary.

45 Designate one day of work a month to “Activist Day”. Use the money earned that day to fund a project.

46 Sign up Anti-Whites for junk mail.

47 Relocate racially aware families into the same towns to form communities.

(At this juncture, take up the Northwest Territorial Imperative or something remotely similar to it.)

48 Print up bumper stickers.

49 Send our magazines to Factsheet Five and our CDs to radio stations.

50 Design and print up new pro-White posters.

51 Donate time, space, or energy for a band.

52 Recruit prison wardens, police officers, inner-city school teachers, and soldiers.

(We desperately need to get our Pro-White materials into jails, prisons and among those who serve in the police-powers of “United States“.)

53 Volunteer in a local civic group.

54 Join a good pro-White organization.

(In accordance with the teachings of David Eden Lane, we recommend you do not join an organization outside of a local Wotanist kindred. The survival of our race demands clear thinking and integrity from all who disseminate ideas. Our meager numbers are far too few to allow the luxury of the following non-productive or deceptive paths. So if you are going to join an organization, make sure they are primarily an activist organization dedicated to spreading White Genocide awareness. That is valid.)

55 Watch the Hate Watchers.

56 Skinheads – keep a professional image at all times.

(Skinhead girls should let their hair grow long.)

57 Network with [Pro-White] activists worldwide.

58 Put pro-White videos on cable access.

(Might be feasible.)

59 Set up a booth at any event that will let you.

60 Form a pro-White sports league.

61 Gather statistics and facts pertinent to the cause.

62 Put out classified ads in local papers for movement literature, organizations, CDs, or businesses.

63 Learn a second trade to fall back on.

64 Take night school or night school classes in areas of interest.

65 Learn European folktales, myths, legends.

66 Organize European folk festivals.

67 Protest Hollywood Nazi protests. Make sure you say that you are a National Socialist.

68 Go listen to anti-White speeches, concerts, etc.. and keep tabs on organizers and attendees.

69 Take your kids to the art museum.

70 Brainstorm new ideas for the cause.

71 Design a “Movement introduction starting kit”- keep the price low.

72 Keep tabs on Death Metal, Oi, Goth, and hardcore scenes – watch for possible recruits.

73 Print up pro-White flags.

74 Give up a bad spending habit. Use the money that you would feed to the habit for the cause.

75 Run for a local office.

76 [Design] subtle pro-White t-shirts.

77 Research “Holocaust” studies, find flaws, and pass on the word.

78 Invite an anti-White out to dinner sit down with him/her and discuss why they believe what they believe.

79 Send free copies of intelligent movement publications to schoolteachers.

80 Turn off the TV and do something with your children.

81 Give pro-White lectures to those with ears to hear them.

82 Fund “American Dissident Voices” to be put on your local station.

83 Passing through? Leave literature with tips at restaurants.

(Leave literature everywhere.)

84 Crash punk concerts, raves, Lilith Fairs, and raise hell.

85 Design or fund new pro-White posters.

86 Fund or create Pro-White/alt-right music videos.

87 Be as independent from modern American culture as you can.

88 Teach your kids how to think instead of what to think.

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