Letters from David

Here are a few letters from David that may be of interest to readers:


Well here we are locked down again, or I should say as usual. Probably for a looong time this time. They still punish 800 innocent for what a few do. The American way I guess.

Before I forget, the 19th book to contain David is the 38th book overall, Zechariah. There are 1938 words in the 1st five chapters and word # 1938 is base as base of a pyramid. In chapter 6 verse 12 is the capitalized word BRANCH. Zechariah has 14 chapters.

  You know in this new Wotanism, by the formula of the Adepts, I am analogous to Joseph Smith and you are like Brigham Young. Damn, Smith died in jail and Brigham had dozens of wives. 🙂 😦

You know that the three greatest movements of the last 2,000 years have been Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Judaism allowed Jews to conquer and rule the world. I believe only a religious fervor can save our kind now. The 14 Words must be a divine command of Nature’s God whom we call Wotan Allfather.

It is an awesome responsibility you have undertaken. You might want to print up something of your own writing on the vital necessity of our Wotanism teachings. Also that Carl Gustav Jung said that Wotan was a dormant psychic force within the Aryan subconscious that might awaken when needed.

As the 666 man, and the Joseph Smith of Wotanism my rewards will be zero. Death in prison, scorn from those with no vision, and hate from the stupid goyim and their kosher masters. But sometimes a man is condemned to a higher cause. And cheerfulness in adversity is still a virtue. Take care. 14 – 88


P.S. I wish our folk had a fraction of the “vision” the Jews did when they created their “God’s Chosen Pets” religion. I think the Old Testament even says “a people without a vision will perish”. The P. Prophecy is our vision.


See the classified ad on the Whore Of Babylon. It is so obvious that America is the greatest evil empire of all history, but no one has the courage to say so.

I see the latest numbers you sent me and am still not surprised. However, the most amazing thing to me is still Philadelphia in Revelation 3 verse 7. It is you, the Angel with the Key of David. Just too strange!

We are still locked down. For no reason or fault of prisoners. Don’t know if its politics, money, insanity, getting their kicks from cruelty or what. Just typical Americanism I guess. What an unspeakably evil empire.

Take care 14- 88 David

P.S. For the web site and the public I believe simplicity is best including number pyramids. 735 for example as I sent you yesterday. And yes, we need ritual and ceremony for the religion. And music. McVan’s books were the best for Wotanism.

P.P.S. Perhaps only founders and “priests” of Wotanism should be allowed the title of Preceptor. Novitiates should have a lesser name until earning their spurs. What do you think?