Literature Distribution

As WOTANSVOLK, we fundamentally believe in proselytizing our religion.


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tumblr_ogg2cbnvas1vihg7zo1_1280 One document David Lane wanted all to spread around, along with the flier “American Genocide Machine: The Murderer of the White Race”

Wotanism flier


Breaking Free


How To Spot An Anti-White



Am I AntiWhite

For practical fliers to distribute, please see link:

Great Seal Dollar Leaflette

David Tate on literature distribution:

The activists in our movement are the publishers, the authors and the voices of resistance, those who try to reach the minds of our sleeping Race. These are the only ones out there who are doing anything, those who get the word out onto the street. This is good, and in my opinion, the only constructive thing that is going on in our “movement.” Much of what is being done is entirely unconstructive and a waste of time (Example here), money and in some cases the lives of our people. This is why I have reached the point where I firmly announce that I no longer owe any allegiance to the entity we loosely refer to asthe movement.” ……  From here on out the only entity I owe allegiance to is ‘The Cause‘ for which we fight.

American genocide machine