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  • 14 Word Press (Revival) is an unincorporated nonprofit association and faith-based organization based on the practice, promotion and advancement of our religion of Wotanism (Odinism) with an emphasis on social activism to the fullest legal extent possible in accordance with our deeply held religious beliefs.
  • 14 Word Press (Revival) is a publishing auxiliary and a social activism outreach ministry of the Sacred Sunwheel Odinist Kindred, also known as “Order of the Sacred Sunwheel” and/or “Sunwheel Kindred” based in the Pacific Northwest / Northern Mountain States.
  • As a faith-based organization that strongly believes in activism, we encourage those of our faith community to exercise their rights (to speech, press, association, religion) including but not limited to the practice, promotion and advancement of our religion and the proselytization of our creed and doctrine.
  • Our religious and spiritual beliefs are rooted in what is best referred to as European Paganism and our social activism revolves around the publishing and distribution of religiously-motivated literature free-of-charge.
  • Our outreach ministry upholds the 14 WORDS, which to us are a divine imperative from the cosmic mind known to most of our ancestors by the name of “Woden” and/or “G¤D” or “the Creator”:  We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children. We also uphold the 88 PRECEPTS as divinely-inspired and honor and respect the teaching(s) of our late prophet, seer and revelator David Eden Lane. We affirm said 14 WORDS as a divine imperative and as the heart of our religious belief as the embodied Temple of Wotan and uphold the 88 PRECEPTS as being a collection of divinely-inspired statements regarding natural law, religious philosophy and  the establishment and/or maintenance of a sound and moral society.
  • As an unincorporated nonprofit faith-based organization and social-activist outreach ministry and auxiliary of the Sacred Sunwheel Odinist Kindred also known as “Order of the Sacred Sunwheel” and/or “Sunwheel Kindred” we do not accept converts to our ancient native faith, but rather inspire reversion to the European Ancestral Religion on the part of our Folk.. We oppose in all forms doctrines of Universalist Imperialism, both secular and religious, and oppose doctrines of supremacism. We exist to aid in the Pagan Revival. We have an open membership for those of our Nation and offer supporter status for those who do not share our particular religious beliefs but are nonetheless proud descendants of the Euro-Tribes. We do not demand “membership dues”.



14 Word Press (Revival) : Ministry is a self-designated continuation of the religious outreach ministry of the original Fourteen Word Press established in St. Maries, Idaho in the early 1990s by Ron McVan and our late prophet, David Eden Lane which published the Focus Fourteen newsletter periodical and other religious texts of Wotanism still available to this day along with merchandise for the practice of our faith that were sold and/or dispersed free of charge to scattered folk throughout portions of the world.temple

For purposes of length, we will not relate on this website what happened that contributed to a down-fall in the original Fourteen Word Press but for those wanting to know more of the story can visit this link here. Needless to say, many religious items of Wotansvolk were sold to Steven Wiegand of Micetrap Distribution, LLC but came to a halt during a court case involving Mr. Wiegand and his then employer at the time, in which he was fired from his job due to his beliefs and his operation of Micetrap Distribution, LLC selling merchandise deemed to be offensive to his supervisor.

Steven Wiegand won part of the law suit but Fourteen Word Press became defunct as Steven Wiegand disassociated himself from it, although retained operation of Micetrap Distribution, LLC which continues to this day. He was presented with a decision, either maintain the religious outreach of Fourteen Word Press or continue to operate his private business. He chose to operate his business, a decision we respect. Mr. Wiegand is to this day a practicing Odinist.

We would like to make it clear that we have no connection to the original Fourteen Word Press as a legal entity. However are not hesitant to declare ourselves a spiritual successor of the first. Unlike the first however, we do not sell anything.

  •  Temple of Wotan in northern Idaho was alongside Fourteen World Press, ran by Ron McVan as an educational outreach for our ancestral religion with holy grounds including a small temple and sacred space for holy rites. Temple of Wotan was dissolved in Idaho but it’s spirit lives on in a book titled Temple of Wotan: Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes and instead of encompassing a wooden-building, is now used to refer to the body of our people, the living Temple of WotanNational Prison Kindred Alliance formed by John and Monica Post received tax-exempt status as a religious institution and fraudulently claimed to represent Fourteen Word Press and the Temple of Wotan as recounted by Ron McVan here. Ron McVan resides in Butte, Montana and founded a side-project called Sons of Albion. The NPKA was dissolved and replaced by the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc formed by Casper and Linda Odinson Crowell which had Ron McVan on its board of directors. While Holy Nation of Odin, Inc is indeed still active, it is now known as Sons of Odin 1519 and is not the national ministry it once was. Ron McVan is no longer a preceptor in Wotanism, having lost his priesthood by teaching “reality denial” and “executioner worship” to the folk and trying to silence David Lane’s writings from being distributed.


  • Despite organizations coming and going, a revival of traditional European Paganism as a whole (of which we are a part) has continued and is thriving and we re-assert ourselves as an activist outlet to folk who are willing to heed the calls of European Pagan revival.

  • As an outreach ministry, we encourage people to embrace their native ancestral folkways and are dedicated to the revival of our ancient native faith and the dissemination of our ideals of ethnic paganism over universalist imperialism through social media and literature distribution in accordance with our deeply held religious beliefs.



FB_IMG_1447130797395Note: There are many names or terms that could be used to refer to our European Ancestral Religion (such as Wotanism, Asatru, Odinism, Wodenism, Heathenry, Odalism and/or European Paganism), however, we choose the term Wotanism as it is meant to encompass all of the Euro-Tribes whereas Ásatrú is regarded specifically as the Heathenry of Northern Europe, and Rodnovery is Slavic Heathenry with Romuva part of Baltic Heathenry. We believe all of Europe shared a common “pagan” religion and heritage and Varg Vikernes is the best spiritual guide  in reviving the ancestral European Paganism.

  • 14 Word Press Revival is a Faith-Based organization existing for the practice and promotion of our European Ancestral Religion as well as dedicated to inspiring Pagan Revival (The Great Re-Awakening, Reversion, Revival of the Ancient Faith).

  • As a religious organization, we have two levels of association. Membership is only open to active Wotansvolk. Being a supporter is open to approved folk who agree with our purpose and goals regardless of specific religious affiliation. Members are expected to study, practice and promote our religion and are encouraged to proselytize by distributing 14 pieces of our religious literature daily. Supporters of other religious persuasions are expected to honor the 14 Words according to the dictates of their conscience and  be active in advancing them in progressive ways. In short, to be a member one must be Wotansvolk. But being a supporter doesn’t mean one must be such as long as they agree with the central issue contained within the 14 Words divine imperative.

In regards to Christians, this article written by Varg Vikernes should be read, along with this one by Stephen McNallen and perhaps also this one by McNallen. Wotansvolk is an ethno-religious movement and we do not accept converts. Ours is not a religion to be converted to, but rather a native folkway to be reverted to. Our message applied in a globalist manner is a call to all peoples the world over to revert to their native ancestral folkways, to embrace their native ethnic pagan faiths, culture, customs and spiritualities and to cast off universalist monotheism. Read more on that here. In short: De-ColonizeRe-Indigenize.

  • While we view endogamy as an inherent part of our religious beliefs and traditions and are fundamentally separatist (to the legal extents a religious community can be in America), we would like to make it perfectly clear that we denounce supremacism and support the Declaration of Purpose and other authorized statements as found on the Asatru Folk Assembly website. Our outlook, however, is Pan-European embracing not only the Nordic view of the Gods, Germanic Heathenry or Northern Europe alone but rather all of Europe as a whole and the revival and advancement of our common Pagan heritage. As such, we embrace Ôðalism and as a religious organization eschew taking part in the American political system. We also would like to make it clear that our religion is not universal nor do we intend to make it universal. We are not part of the New Age Movement. Our religion is tribal, ethnic, indigenous and native to Europe. Furthermore, we strongly advocate off-the-grid philosophy as being supported by our religion.



We believe, as Wotanists that David Wodensson Lane was a prophet of our ancient ancestral AllFather Wotan and that when Varg Vikernes  speaks about the European religion, speaks through divine inspiration and has made the assertion that: “I often hail Ôðinn at the end of my posts, and I do not because he is “the true god”, a Pagan Jehovah, or anything like that, but because he is the god of the mind, of inspiration, of fury and our spirit. He is the force that makes me write…. ”

Varg Vikernes is the current Alsherjargodi for the Euro-Tribes. However, the texts published through 14 Word Press were authorized by David Eden Lane and are authoritative for Wotansvolk. 

Varg Vikernes

And we deeply value the insight from Varg’s wonderful wife, Marie as also being divinely inspired.


Varg Vikernes




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