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First some Pagan music from beautiful Illyria.

Christians want us to think that there was a Celtic, a Scandinavian, a Slavonic, a Greek, a Baltic, a Finnish, a Thrakian, a Basque, an Illyrian, a Roman etc. religion, making Ancient Europe a mish-mash of different Pagan religions. For some reason they also intentionally mix linguistic terms with cultural terms when they talk about Ancient Europe, like I have done above to illustrate this, to spread confusion.

When the Romans e. g. talked about the Gallic and Scandinavian deities by Roman names they didn’t do this because these deities resembled their own Roman deities: they did because these deities were identical to their own deities, known to them by Roman names.

The Romans didn’t “steal” the Greek religion either, and made it their own, like Christians often try to make us belive; these two religions were so strikingly similar because they were the same. All the native peoples of Europe had at some point the exact same Pagan religion, and although geography and different language influences made this religion look somewhat different in the different tribes of Europe, it was in fact the same all over Europe.

The mythologioes were not really different from each other, but they are presented as different from each other today because the one European mythology has been recorded differently and often at different times and by very different types of people too, with very different motives for doing so – and with very a different level of understanding of the European religion and mythology.

Finnish Perkele is the same as the Lithuanian Perkunas, the Russian Perun, the Greek Zevs, the Gallic Taranis, the Scandinavian Þôrr, the Italian Juppiter, etc., and the same is the case for all the European deities: they are found everywhere in Europe, and if they are not this is only because our knowledge about them has holes today, because the Christians have destroyed the memory of them.

The traditions were the same all over Europe, the rites, the high festivals, the customs, the habits: everything was the same all over Europe. There is only one single Pagan religion in Europe!


Another thing that confuses many is the fact that there are so many different deities in each and every European mythology. We can easily boil it down to four main Pagan deities though: the Sky God, the Earth Goddess, the Sun God and the Moon Goddess, or if you like to just a Sky God and an Earth Goddess – and then all the other deities are just different faces of these four or two deities: the Sun the right hand of the Sky God, the Moon his left hand, the Sea Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, the Thunder God a face of the Sky God, the Goddess of Love a face of the Earth Goddess, the War God a face of the Sky God, the Death Goddess a face of the Earth Goddess, and so forth.

The Sky is masculine because the rain fertilizing the soil falls from the Sky like the semen of men does into women. The Earth Goddess is feminine because the plants come from her like children come from the womb of women.

The Pregnant Mother Earth:

Pregnant Mother Earth

There are no “good” or “evil” European deities either. They all just work for some time and for a purpose. They are all welcome when they enter the stage and play their part. Even Death is! There is no “good” or “evil” in Paganism, like there is no “good” or “evil” in nature. The Sun is not “good” when he lights up our world, and not “evil” when he blinds us: he is not “good” when he warms us, and not “evil” when he burns us. Everything in nature is good; natural, meaningful and necessary. It only becomesdestructive when it has worked for some time, and it is then still good, because destruction is a necessary part of nature too.

The attempt to make e. g. Loki look like a Scandinavian “Devil” is absolute nonsense; Loki is the lightning that strikes from the Sky, and is therefore naturally always chased in the mythology by Þôrr, the God of Thunder. If in doubt you can just try to see for yourself if you ever see the lightning on the sky not being followed by a thunder!

All the European deities serve a purpose, and none of them are “evil” in any ways. They work to explain natural phenomena, ideals, processes in man and nature – and perhaps in particular in the minds of men. Some deities represent man himself too, or stages in the life of man. A goddess is the ideal of the unmarried woman, another the married woman, and yet another the pregnant woman, and yet another the mother, etc., but they are in fact all the same goddess, only at different stages in her existence. And she is a part of the feminine divine force that we define simply as the Earth Goddess. What name we use when we identify her is not important. Freyja, Venus, Aphrodite or whatever else this one side of her may be known as: they are all beautiful and suitable names!

The Sky God steaming with Life!

Living Sky God

We must stand united under the Pagan banner against the Judeo-Christian deceit, treachery, cowardice, lies and dishonour! Europe is one, like your body is. I, a true (=Pagan) Scandinavian, am not only willing to fight and make sacrifices for my non-Scandinavian European brethren too: I long for this opportunity and do everything I can to help each and every people in Europe as best I can, because I know that we are one! Your cause is my cause. My cause is your cause.

When Europe has liberated herself from the Judeo-Christian yoke, by our efforts, we can all stand alongside each other and praise the same Gods and Goddesses, practise the same rites, appreciate the same values, share the same traditions and all work together to ensure a prosperous and harmonic future for the European species and all our native lands! BalðuR (Belbog, Apollon, etc.) will return to Europe once we let him; so let us!

Hail Europe! Hail all true (=Pagan) Europeans! Hail all European deities! Hail and Joy!


Qua medicamenta non sanant, ignis sanat

French. Magyar.

We have Christians today who argue and wish us to believe that Christianity was welcomed here in Europe. They tell us that most of our forebears embraced this new ‘true’ religion with open arms! “Halleluja!” According to some Christians several (Christian) sources even speak of ‘mass conversions’ of European Pagans, who were only happy to get rid of their old beliefs (‘superstitions’) and world view in favour of Christianity. However, all the non-Christian sources, and many of the Christians sources too, speak of a violent, unwilling and horribleconversion of the European peoples.

So what are we supposed to believe in? Who is telling the truth here?

Think about this for a minute; if the Ancient Europeans were so willing to get rid of their old religion in favour of Christianity, then why are 100% of the holidays we today think of as Christian of Pagan European origin? That doesn’t add up. If you embrace a new religion and cast aside your own, then why would you keep practising your own religion – and with timeforce the new religion to incorporate your festivals into itself?


The Christians tried desperately to remove the old religion, but the Europeans refused to stop practising it, even after they officially had become ‘Christianized’. Even under threat of torture, execution and imprisonment, they refused to get rid of the old Pagan religion! In the end the Christians had to steal the Pagan high festivals (like Pope Julius I did in 350 with the Yule festival), get involved in the Pagan festivals and eventually give them more or less new contents – but even there they failed; the ‘Christian’ festivals still have the Pagan contents, and this can be seen as bright and clear as the sun in most of them; everything from eating the ‘body’ of the Pagan deity of the crops and drinking the ‘blood’ of the deity of grapes and wine (Freyr/Dionysos), to sacred trees during the Yule celebration, everything from a forefather cult on Halloween to burning fires on Mid-Summer Night. It is all Pagan! Come on; do you think any of this is Christian? And if these purely Pagan festivals and traditions were kept by the Europeans for up to 2000 years, then why would you believe that they converted en masse to Christianity? Why would you believe the claim that they were only ‘happy’ to get rid of their old ‘superstitions’ in favour of Christianity? If Christianity was welcomed, then why do we still practise only Pagan high festivals (even though they have been given a Christian content)?

And then there is another point; the Dark Ages, the centuries when most of Europe was Christianized is a ‘black hole’ in history. We knowalmost nothing about what happened. Then when it was over, most of Europe had been officially Christianized… (but was still practising theirPagan high festivals).

What happened during the Dark Ages, when the technologically superior (compared to the rest of the world) and culturally rich Europe was Christianized, and emerged as a technologically inferior (compared to the Asian world) and culturally retarded continent? What did the Early Christians really do in order to gain the power here in our part of the world?

European Art after the Christianization:


European Art before the Christianization: 


Why was it the return to the Pagan philosophy, mythology and science, in the Renaissance, that brought superiority and light back to Europe? If Europe had not re-found to the Pagan light, we would have been completely crushed. The darkness of Christianity would have destroyed us.

HailaR WôðanaR!

The Myth of Christianity as a Wall against Islam


Some seem to think Christianity is and has always been a wall against Islam, but let me remind you of a few historical facts:

The Teutonic Knights did not attack Islam. Instead they attacked true Europeans (i. e. Pagan Europeans), in Prussia, Lithuania, Livonia and Estonia. They also attacked other Christians, both Catholic Poles and Russian Orthodox Slavs. Not only that; they attacked the Christian Slavic tribes at a time when they were already under attack from the Mongols in the East. Other parts of Europe too were under attack, from Muslims, and received no help from the Teutonic Knights, who gave priority to slaughtering Europeans.

Example Sources:

Then we have the crusades, when Christians instead of fighting against the Muslims decided to e. g. sack the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire – leaving her vulnerable to the Turkish hordes advancing from the East. They even raped the nuns in the monasteries. The Muslims didn’t advance further than they did into Europe because of the efforts of the Christians, but mainlybecause of the Mongol Horde – who attacked them from the East.

Example Sources:

Some times Christianized Europeans were butchered only because they did not have the ‘right’ type of Christianity, like the Cathars, who were completely anihilated by Catholic crusaders. The Bogomils too fell victim to the hatred and aggression of crusaders.

Example Sources:

This in-fighting culminated, I think we can say, with the ‘Reformation’, resulting in a a series of wars, the worst one being the ‘Thirty Years War’, that killed as much as between 25 and 40% of the entire population of Germany alone (and many other Europeans too), and left the entire ChristianBalkans to the mercy of the Muslim Ottomans for hundreds of years.

Now think about that for a while: between 25 and 40% of the entire German population killed in 30 years… because of Christianity!

Example Sources:

Now, letting the Muslims wreck havoc to large parts of Europe, was not a new thing to the Christians. In the 8th and early 9th century, rather than take back what the Muslim Moorish aggressors had taken in Iberia, when his father Charles Martel had been king of France, the Christian Charlemagne decided that it was more important to convert the Saxons (Germans), and spent about 30 years killing Saxons – an even massacred them, when he had the chance to. The result of this was naturally that the Muslim Moors could keep almost all of the Christian Iberian Peninsula for 500 years!

Example Sources:

I could go on an on about this, showing you how Christianity has notdefended Europe from anybody at all, and instead focused on wrecking havoc in Europe and for Europeans – even when Europe was seriously threatened from the outside, by foreign enemies such as the Moors, the Ottomans and the Mongols/The Golden Horde. The Christians of Europe left their fellow Christians to fight the foreign threats on their own, and often even supported the foreign threats or even attacked the Christians defending against them in the back.

Example Source:

If anybody thinks that Christianity is the solution, the way to go to ensure the survival of Europe, then think again. Christianity itself is an enemy of Europe, and has always been an enemy of Europe, and is the biggest directand indirect cause of all our unwanted problems.

The Pagans of Europe united whenever they faced a common threat, and we should do that today as well, and in the future.

Example Source:

Europe is Pagan in blood, mind and spirit, and must return to her roots to become harmonious again. Not peaceful, not weak, not tolerant, butharmonious: in accordance with the laws of nature. Never compromise with Christians: they are enemies of Europe!

HailaR WôðanaR!

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The Christian Triumph…

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Some times I hear from Christians that: “Well, Christianity must have been better and stronger than Paganism, because Christianity prevailed”.

Christianity didn’t really prevail in Europe. Christianity almost destroyedEurope; suffocated her in darkness, backwardness, stupidity, ignorance and destruction. As we know, the first thousand years of Christianity in Europe is called “The Dark Ages”! Christianity pulled a very advanced Europe down so far, that by the time of the Crusades the Muslims were ahead of us. They were still far behind the Pagan Europe (as it had been a thousand years earlier), but at the time of the Crusades they were miles ahead of Europe in almost all contexts.

NB! To those who think that only Greece and The Roman Empire was anything worth: yes, the rest of Europe was advanced too. E. g. Scandinavians were navigating the high seas when the rest of the world was still forced to travel along the coast. Our beautiful buildings were made of wood, so they did not survive the Christian onslaught. Our culture was oral, so we have almost no records of what we did, thought or wanted, and when we find evidence of something great, advanced and interesting from our Pagan past, the people in power today are quick to destroy it all. They will see no such thing. So we don’t either.

The Renaissance did not come by chance, but because it was needed. Europe absolutely had to breathe again, think, create and advance again – and the Christians failed to stop this. What followed then was several hundred years of ‘witch hunts’, resulting in (some claim as much as 30) millions of deaths. We can assume that it was no coincidence that this came with the Renaissance: this is how they tried to stop it! This is how they tried to stop the Pagan/European ideals from forcing their way back up into the light; by murdering those they thought were behind it or in some way contributed to it.

Christians destroying everything European they can find:


And that is a point: the European ideals forced their way back up into the light. You see, they were never gone. They just went underground, and when the priest knocked on the door to see if you were ‘Christian enough’, with his henchmen at his side ready to torture and kill, the people living there often just pretended to be Christians. They went to church. Hung the cross over their beds. Married in church. And did everything the priests expected them to do. And then, in private, in secret, they kept the European traditions alive.

Yes, you see, Christianity never really prevailed. Even though Europe was and is more or less officially Christian, many and some times most of us Europeans are not, and never were. We know that today most of us are not, but we are told that we used to be. Even that is not true though: just like today, the majority of Europeans in the past were not Christians. The only difference is that today we no longer have to pretend we are, in order not to be tortured, killed and burned at the stake.

Christian logic: “If she drowns, she was innocent. If she floats, she is guilty and must be killed!”. So they get to murder her no matter what. A good illustration of what they want with Europe. 


The Christians stopped murdering Pagans not because they all of a sudden became moral and honourable, but because they no longer have the power to do so. If they could they would. But they can’t because Christianity is weak. Because Christianity has lost!

Here in Western Europe pretty much only old people are Christian. There are some young too, but they are rare, and most of them have gotten rid of that Asian psychosis before they are done with puberty. In reality, we can expect Christianity to completely go away from Western Europe within a few generations. It will die with the (fewer and fewer) fools who still cling to it.

A typical Scandinavian mass. Not too crowded, it is?


Another one: 


So I wish to ask you: “Well, if Christianity was better and stronger than Paganism, why is it Paganism was never successfully removed, even after thousands of years of persecutions? Why is it more and more Europeans embrace their Pagan heritage? Why is it Christianity is failing so miserably?”

Christianity conquered Europe, but never the people of Europe. Most of us were, and still are, Pagans in heart and mind, even after two thousand years of Christian terror. Two-thousand-years, and you still have not managed to convert even one third of us!

Hail the Pagan Europe! Hail and Joy!


Pagans in Europe, celebrating the Summer Solstice:


The young Europeans…. not kneeling in front of any Asian idols:


Why the European Religion?

BulgarianItalianoРусскийСрпски. Spanish.

The native European religion, traditions, customs, culture and world view, is known in slightly different hues from all over Ancient Europe. This Pagan religion is the religion of our blood and soil, and like a mind can not be separated from the body this religion can not be separated from us; without it we will cease to be. Without it we will die, like we do today, because we don’t practise it. With the re-introduction of the European religion we will start to live like we did before, in harmony with ourselves and our environment, and be able to cultivate our racial peculiarities, known to have brought forth philosophy, mathematics, architecture, beautiful music, sculptures, paintings, poetry, medicine, astronomy and all sorts of technology.


The European religion promotes not some fictional otherworldly “Paradise” as the ultimate goal for each individual man, but instead the eternal life on the soil of the forebears, and immortality through Honour. There is no contempt for the Earth, no description of Earth as something you have to “endure” or “tolerate” until you can move on to something better. The European religion promotes the Earth and life on Earth as something good, valuable and meaningful, and holds the Honourable life as the highest ideal. Life is lived with the betterment of everything in mind, the preservation of the good and the promotion of Honour: the Honourable European Pagan lives his life knowing – or if you prefer believing – that he will himself be re-born by his own children or grand children after he has died, so he does his best to make life as good as possible for those who comes after him. He will not deplete any resources or chop down entire woods for profit, because he knows that he will himself need them in his next life. All he does well in this life will be to his own benefit in his next, and he will only be reborn if he lives and dies withHonour.


The European Religion is not just our religion; it is the quintessence of the European man! The mind and spirit of Europe! Without the European Religion the European man is like a computer without software (e. g. an Atheist), or with software that is not or only partly compatible with the hardware (e. g. Buddhist) or even with malicious software (like a virus) working to destroy everything inside (e. g. a Christian or Muslim). He is not working properly, if at all, and he will crash. Re-boot if you like, every time you crash, but be prepared to crash again and keep crashing until you remove all viruses and install the right software. You can. Everything you need is here, in the ≈30 oldest posts on this blog. HailaR WôðanaR!


Why Ôðalism?


Ôðalism is in the strictest sense an ideology based on blood (of the native population) and soil (the homeland of the native population); protecting, promoting and if necessary reviving the customs, traditions, world view, values and religion that naturally came from each particular population in their homeland. It can be applied to each and every people on this planet, and will also be different to each and every people on this planet, because they are in essence different from each other. Ôðalism promotes true diversity; respect for every people’s right to have their own unique culture in their own native homelands. Africa for Native Africans. America for Native Americans. Asia for Native Asians. Australia for Native Australians. Europe for Native Europeans. The human population of this planet will be rich only if we keep the diversity, and make sure that no human races are lost, either through interbreeding with other more numerous or dominant races or through other genocidal politics, such as feminism and colonisation.

Ôðalism is opposed to all forms of internationalism, be it universal faiths such as the Judeo-Christian religions or Marxist ideologies, because internationalism is a threat to the human diversity of our planet. Each religion, culture, customs, traditions and world view stem from the blood and soil of a particular people, and can not be made universal.

Ôðalism is advocating the repatriation of all non-Europeans in Europe as the solution to the genocidal politics lead by most European nations today – and also repatriation of all unmixed Europeans from the former European colonies. Because of the young age of the Native American population, going no more than 18,000 years back in time, and also because of the fact that the Native American population is a mix between Asians and Europeans, America is a special case and should be treated as such. If nothing else America should serve as an example of how colonisation leads to genocide and a huge loss to mankind; the American Natives are almost extinct today, and so is their beautiful and colourful culture.

There is not hatred for others in Ôðalism, only love for your own. There is no destruction of others in Ôðalism, only protection and preservation of what is your own. There is no plans for world supremacy in Ôðalism, only love for and a strong link to the soil of the forebears. There is no interventionism or aggression in Ôðalism, only respect for each and every people’s right to rule itself as it sees fit.

Ôðalism is not nationalism in a modern sense: each and every modern nation is a modern construct based on geography (where the borders have been drawn) and ethnicity (i. e. languages spoken) instead of racial – or if you prefer tribal – identities. The Ôðalic nationalism is based on race. E. g. to Europeans today the European race (and different sub-races) is the nation. The language spoken is completely irrelevant in relation to racial identities.

About Apologists

Français. Italiano. РусскийСрпски.

We can all agree that many have committed ghastly crimes in our world, but no matter how you see it there is one group that stands out as so much more criminal, cruel and horrible in this context, even compared to the Communists (murderers of tens of millions). Yes, I am of course talking about Christendom: the worst destroyer of culture, of religion, of traditions and of peoples and races. Christendom has close to exterminated the Northern American natives and their culture, and is causing or has caused terrible famines, wars and destructions in Africa and Asia too. It has been no less a catastrophe to our own Europe though. In fact it has been worse for Europe than for anybody else.

Apologists for Hitler’s Germany are imprisoned, demonized, put in the stocks and stripped of all civil rights, but apologists for Communism and Christianity are hired en masse to educate our children, to entertain us with TV and radio shows and to present the news to us as they see fit. They are because they are working for the same enemy; for those behind both these genocidal tools.

Today Europe is waking up. In fact we have been waking up slowly ever since the Renaissance; the Pagan (European) ideals and ideas are returning and re-kindling the spirit of life in Europe. We no longer worship death and destruction; we no longer plan to leave this planet for some fictional and utterly meaningless “Paradise”; we no longer care only for our own personal salvation and forgiveness, for sins we have never committed; we no longer bury ourselves in self-loathing and beg for forgiveness for being Europeans; we no longer worship some evil demi-urge of Hebrew origin; we no longer participate in the degradation and destruction of ourselves and everything we hold dear. Yes, more and more Europeans wake up and embrace their own nature! More and more of us become complete human beings; European minds and spirits in European bodies. We reject the filth of the desert peoples, and their international psychosis; their mongrel ideas.

In this process of waking up we see amongst us apologists for Christianity, and the other genocidal tools designed to finish us off, showing up trying to make us forgive and forget, and to keep tolerating the evil in our world.

Yes, many Christians are waking up too, and in theory they should join us, and cast aside the foreign yoke, but they don’t; instead they come up with excuses for clinging to their Hebrew “religion”. They turn a blind eye to reality and in effect continue to assist our enemies – and to secure them a future in Europe. They don’t want to do this. They don’t know they do. But they do.

There is no apology for what Christians have done and is doing to Europe – and to others in the world too. There is no excuse in this world for what they have done. They have been nothing but a destructive and genocidal force in this world since the creation of their so-called “religion”. Everything good created and done under Christendom came not as a consequence of Christianity, but in spite of it. Europe didn’t survive because of Christendom, but in spite of it. Every good man who is a Christian is good not because of Christianity, but in spite of it. Christianity is poison to this world, a plague tormenting the Earth, a virus infecting and killing innocents, filth soiling us and nothing else, and must be treated accordingly. It was created as a tool to destroy us, and it is nothing else than this.

Dear good Christians; I know that most of you are good people, good to the core, and that you want to do good, but you can not when chained to evil by your hateful foreign religion. Wherever you go you bring that tool of death with you. Whatever you do good and right you do it in the name of that tool of destruction, and you thus strengthen it.

Cast it aside and return to Europe! Keep all the good you saw in Christianity, because this is all found in Europe too; justice, kindness, law and chivalry, it was all taken from our old religion –to lure good Europeans into this sinister Christian cult. To lure them into becoming destroyers and murderers of Europe.

Christianity has failed, even though the Christians have tried to destroy Europe and have murdered Europeans for more than a thousand years now. Europe is still here. But for now. This might change, and it might change soon – unless Europe wakes up, arises and casts aside the yoke of “the enemy”: feminism, capitalism, materialism, “tolerance”, internationalism, socialism, humanism etc., but not least Christianity.

There is no excuse for what the Christians have done to Europe, and there is no excuse for any Europeans to stick to this despicable foreign cult of hatred and death.

Europe is Pagan. We are all Pagans by blood. Hail Europe! Hail and Joy!

The Dark Ages

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The Dark Ages is a term used to describe the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. It is called by that name because “The period is characterized by a relative scarcity of historical and other written records at least for some areas of Europe, rendering it obscure to historians”. We can also read that: “The concept of a Dark Age originated with the Italian scholar Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca) in the 1330s, and was originally intended as a sweeping criticism of the character of Late Latin literature. Petrarch regarded the post-Roman centuries as “dark” compared to the light of classical antiquity. Later historians expanded the term to refer to the transitional period between Roman times and the High Middle Ages (c. 11th–13th century), including the lack of Latin literature, and a lack of contemporary written history, general demographic decline, limited building activity and material cultural achievements in general. Later historians and writers picked up the concept, and popular culture has further expanded on it as a vehicle to depict the Middle Ages as a time of backwardness, extending its pejorative use and expanding its scope.

As we know, the fall of Rome came shortly after the introduction of Judeo-Christianity as the official cult, and we also know that the Renaissance was a renaissance of the ‘Pagan’ (i. e. European) culture, ideals, philosophy, science and values, that by the 14th century had began to return to Europe from the Muslim world via crusaders and Muslim invaders. Unlike the Judeo-Christians, who burned and destroyed everything European they came across, the Muslims had kept the European literature they came across.

The early Dark Ages are described as “The Migration Period”, when different European tribes moved about: first Huns and Goths, Vandals, Saxons, Jutes and Angles and other Germanic tribes, then Slavs and others too. They were – according to history – forced to move by other tribes. History don’t say much about why this migration period came about in the first place though, why the first tribes started to migrate, pushing others to do the same. We do however know why the Scandinavians started to move about in the Viking Age, and we know that they were not forced to move by other migrating tribes: they started to move about because of the aggression of Judeo-Christians in the south. Yes, interestingly, the “moving about” of tribes correspond well only with the spread of Judeo-Christianity in Europe… After Southern Europe had been Christianized, the spread of Judeo-Christianity came first to Western Europe, then to Eastern Europe, then finally to Northern Europe. And wherever it came the tribes started to ‘migrate’.

Rather than tell us what happened in this time of “demographic decline”, historians today just – safely – state that “we don’t know”. It’s a Dark Age….

That is of course very convenient for the Judeo-Christians, whose historians basically say that: “Judeo-Christianity rose in the Roman Empire in spite of the cruel and unjust persecution by the emperors, then the Roman Empire fell (because of pressure from “barbarians”, must say: not because of the disruptive, criminal and destructive work of Judeo-Christians inside the Roman Empire….) and after a few hundred years of historical darkness, that we don’t know much about, most of Europe emerged Judeo-Christian.”

We have written sources describing how the Romans, the Scandinavians, the Balts and the Finns resisted the Christianization violently, but conveniently we have no sources describing how the other Europeans reacted (but we are told to believe that the other European tribes were simply converted….because the message of “Jesus” is so true and convincing, of course). We just know that they started to “migrate” and that there was “demographic decline” in Europe at the time. And then when history was being recorded again they were all Judeo-Christians. Hallelujah!



Let me tell you what I think happened: the Judeo-Christians destroyed the Roman Empire from within, and whilst doing so the “barbarian” peoples of Europe defended themselves, from the Judeo-Christian poison coming from the Roman Empire, by attacking the Roman Empire – just like the Scandinavians defended themselves from the same poison a few hundred years later, in the Viking Age, by attacking mainly the Judeo-Christian missionary centers (i. e. monasteries) in Judeo-Christian Europe.

The conversion of Europeans was – as described in the later Scandinavian Viking Age sources – by means of threats, violence, torture, hostage taking, child abduction and murder. The Judeo-Christians operated the most ruthless, violent and cruel mafias, with the Pope and the Great Patriarch as the godfathers, and gained power in the same manner as criminal organisations today gain power.

This caused entire tribes to migrate, to flee from their terror, in an attempt to get away from them. So the Saxons, the Jutes, the Angles, the Belgae etc. fled to Pagan lands, the British Isles. Others charged head on, and sacked Rome (again…). Yet others moved entirely out of Europe, like the Vandals.

When the Judeo-Christian sicarii-like mob came to Scandinavia, just before the Viking Age, this was the reason for the sudden ‘Viking’ activity, and only then came ‘The Viking Age”, and many there too fled, to Ireland, to Scotland, to Iceland and even to the Americas, where the Judeo-Christians were weak or where they had no power at all, or they charged head on and sacked the monasteries from whence the terrorists came, and cut them down like the genocidal criminals they were.

Yes, I think the ‘demographic decline’ in Europe from year 400 to 800 was the result of a genocide perpetrated by the Judeo-Christians. They were terrorizing and killing Europeans en masse, men and women, young and old, boys and girls, and even infants – and we don’t know about this because they covered up their crime by – conveniently – erasing 400 years of written history. And they could do that: they wrote this history themselves, they kept the books themselves, in their monasteries. Getting rid of these books was no problem. So they did (and they still do the same, even to the events we have experienced in our own age: they erase or re-write history as they see fit).

To us it’s just a dark age, that we “know nothing about”, and then we are supposed to believe that Europe accepted Judeo-Christianity willingly, without resistance. The Viking Age is written off as the fruits of Scandinavian “barbarism” and “Pagan aggression”, and the Roman resistance was just absurd, and only a result of ignorance. “They even accused the Judeo-Christians of cannibalism, ha ha ha”. How ridicules. Right?


The hard facts are that Europe after the Christianization and before the Renaissance is referred to by modern scientists (including archaeologists) like this: “general demographic decline, limited building activity and material cultural achievements in general.” These are the fruits of Judeo-Christianity. Europe before Judeo-Christianity was prosperous, scientifically advanced, educated, healthy, spiritually advanced, culturally advanced and artistically advanced, and all of this did only return to Europe with the Renaissance, the beginning of the end of Judeo-Christianity in Europe, when Europe started to find back to its own roots. Europe started the long walk back to life, after having suffered in the Judeo-Christian darkness for so long.

Judeo-Christian art from the Dark Ages:


European art from before the Christianization:

800px-Ceinture_en_or_MAN 742px-Gold_torque_1 470px-Parade_helmet 800px-Britishmuseumsnettishamgreattorchellenistic-artZeus_pompeiOseberg_Wagon

European art from after the Renaissance




Pre-Judeo-Christian European art intentionally destroyed and desecrated (with crosses) by Judeo-Christians during the Christianization: 

venusdm livinia germanicus augustus aphrodite

We are still walking, or rather climbing uphill, back to Olympus, so to speak. We still struggle to get rid of the darkness, but we prevail: every day we live we prevail over their darkness. We have found the light of our forebears, and no amount of Judeo-Christian darkness can extinguish that light.

Finally, I will add a note on how to destroy Judeo-Christianity in Europe, and remove it from our soil, lock stock and barrel: we just have to inform our young about the nature and origin of Judeo-Christianity, and raise them as good Europeans instead. No informed, sane, well-fed, healthy and free human being will ever convert or has ever converted to Judeo-Christianity!

Forget about the old: they are lost to brainwash and shame and are soon dead anyhow, from old age, but we must make sure that they take their perverse foreign cult with them when they die. Judeo-Christianity can in theory be completely removed from Europe in only one single generation! So let us do so! If we do all our other problems will go away too, because Judeo-Christianity is the root to just about all our problems today!

Hail the European tribes still alive!


A Judeo-Christian image showing how they treated the European art and culture:


The Key & the Light

MagyarРусский. SerbianSpanish.

The supposed ability of the Scandinavian berserks to become invulnerable is one of the things that has puzzled the scholars the most, and a discussion has been going on whether or not their ability was either just imaginary or induced by drugs (mushrooms).


The tales claim that the warriors dressed in bear furs, the berserks, could even go on fighting after they had been fataly wounded, only to die from the injuries when the battle was over and they had left their berserk «trance». These warriors took the life force of an animal, usually a bear, but any predatory animal would serve the same purpose (e. g. wolf, cave lion, cave hyena, smilodon, et cetera), but those who wore a bear skin were apparently the most common. We vaguely know the same custom from Greece, by the way, with Herakles wearing a lion skin making him invulnerable. The idea behind this was that the injury inflicted on the berserk would instead harm his «totem animal». So the berserks were fierce warriors, often void of fear and extremely aggressive in combat. E. g. one single Norwegian berserk was said to hold the bridge at Stamford in 1066, and was said to single-handedly slay up to 40 Anglo-Saxons (before he was himself finally slain).

Not only the Greeks and Scandinavians engaged in this totemic warrior cult, though. We can safely assume that peoples such as the Dacians (with a wolf as their symbol) and the (original) Romans (with the importance put on Romulus and Remus) had at least originally the wolf as a totem animal, and the Gauls and Bretons the boar as their totem animal, and so forth. I am convinced that this too was a pan-European tradition, with roots to the Neanderthals and the Stone Age, as my wife will speak about on Atalawhen she comes to discussing the Bear Cult subject.


Rather than continue on the dead end track of the scholars regarding this mysterious berserk ability let me share with you an alternative hypothesis, that I think is the most likely. As you know I have stated before that you can cultivate the deities in you, and both develop a better self-insight and understanding of your purpose and wake up dormant abilities in you too – i. e. if you are a modern Neanderthal man (i. e. the European), with the opportunity for these abilities in your DNA. Just like age triggers puberty and all of a sudden makes you fertile, the cultivation of the deities in you can trigger other abilities – like the ability to «go berserk».

kvitbjørn i bjørkeskog

In addition to puperty I think I can list becoming a parent as such a trigger event, that changes you if you are preparred for it; e. g. it can turn you extremely fearless and self-sacrificial in relation to your family, and I think even someone who otherwise would have been a coward would become a fearless hero if his family was under threat. Becoming a parent makes you better. A serious marriage too changes you and makes you better; it triggers something in you that changes you for the better. You are not a real man until you have become a married father! You are not a real woman until you have become a married mother!

We all have differently abilities, and of course each one of us can perfectly well be very well developed in some contexts and real retarded in others, and some of the things that triggers these abilities are often experiences that we don’t even have any control over. Religions and traditions naturally came about because man wanted to control this enlightenment and development of man on a tribal level; the purpose of the traditions and rituals was to trigger different abilities in the entire group. This is naturally the whole purpose with Ancestral; to educate, enlighten and make better each and every one of you – by creating «trigger events» and by enabling you to do that yourself too, when this blog cannot. The better Europeans will then unite, revolt and free their less lucky brothers and sisters from the Judeo-Christian yoke.

I can add that there are plenty of negative trigger events too, destroying good abilities and cultivating the ettin power in you, which of course is what the whole Judeo-Christian religion and all it’s clones is all about; Christianity and Occultism in particular. Circumsition is of course one such negative trigger event, and baptism too, but the list goes on and one in this context; pornographical imagery, Jesus on the cross, Hollywood films and you name it. Avoid it all and you are more likely to become a better man.


Let me then return to the berserk ability and I will explain how it works. About 4% of all European adult men have (by accident triggered) this ability and has at least partially mastered it without knowing it, but it surfaces usually only in crisis situations. When a life-threatening situation occurs about 20% of those experiencing it will freeze, panic and become basically useless – and they are because of this extremely unlikely to survive. The 4% I want to focus on though also change, but rather than freeze they become extremely awake, efficient, quick and alert, they get almost super-human strength and fantastic organisational abilities etc., and they are also – unless they deliberately sacrifice themselves to save others – extremely likely to survive any catastrophe.

Why? What happens? Well, think of the human body as a computer and the brain as a processor. If you run a lot of programs at the same time the computer will work slowly. If you however turn off all the programs you don’t need right there and then and only have the one program you need running this one program will run much smoother. Likewise, if you find yourself in a crisis situation and you turn off all those «programs» that you really don’t need there and then, like the whole digestion system, your «processor» will be able to process the information gathered much quicker. You will experience that the world all of a sudden moves in slow motion; it doesn’t, but your brain has so much more power to process all the information faster that it feels that way. If you are injured and the injury only affects something in your body that you in that situation has shut off you will simply not notice and your body will just keep on working. The injuries to your liver, kidneys and stomach will only (possibly) kill you when you turn back on those «programs» — and only then you, the berserk, die from shock.

The real challenge is of course to master this, to be able to at will turn off the «programs» your body does not need in this or that situation. Many of our forebears did master this, and they mastered so many other abilities too, some that we haven’t even heard about – because they were so extremely good and honest, and because of that gullible enough to allow race mixing and the influence of “the enemies”; Christianity, Nihilism, Psychology, Feminism, Capitalism et ceterea, et cetera… Alas! We have lost so much because of this.

How do I know? Because events in my life has triggered an ability called Intuition, and I too have seen the world in slow motion several time.


Be careful when you listen to music, when you watch films or when you enjoy other art. Be careful when you live your life and it makes you a worse person than you know you could have been. Life is a long range of emotional, intellectual and spiritual triggers, and they too shape you and activate different processes in your mind and body. Your DNA is not just the program controlling your body and mind, but also your spirit – or the lack thereof. However, not everything works by itself; you have to turn it on yourself, or have others turn it on for you. Or have “the enemies” turn it all off, to enslave you more easily, like a spider who poisons her pray to be able to kill and eat it.

Ôðalism is a key and a light; the key that will enable us to unlock the portals to the past and the light that will enable us to see what is inside. Only WôðanaR can take us there. HailaR WôðanaR!



Ásatrú, Seiðr & Víðarr


Scholars today often fail to see the continuity of the belief system of our forebears through the ages, and thus often claim every new thing that seems to appear is a result of some alien influence, usually an invasion by some fictional people or even a complete replacement of the former population.

One might wonder if they claim this because they have a sinister agenda, or perhaps only because they have been programmed to behave in a certain (politically correct) manner, and especially so in relation to European cultures.

What we should do though, when we approach our own culture, is to understand that there is a thin red line through all of it, through all ages and all European cultures. Everything is basically the same, but there are four different ways of seeing it.

The key to the oldest sources is to know that in the most ancient of times our forebears were hunter-gatherers and believed in spirits (sorcery). After that we see the introduction of both agriculture and deities (religion) as we know them today. Not all hunter-gatherers became agriculturalists though, and not all agriculturalists replaced their belief in spirits with a belief in deities.

So there were four different cultures based around the same original culture: a hunter-gatherer sorcery culture, a hunter-gatherer religious culture, an agricultural sorcery culture and an agricultural religious culture.

Further, these cultures didn’t or didn’t always replace the older dominating culture, but often existed alongside each other — often at the same place.

Although simplified, it works well to define these four like this:

Seiðr (belief in spirits/sorcery) + Veiðr (hunter-gatherer) = The old tradition

Seiðr (belief in spirits/sorcery) + Byggjandi (agriculturalist) = The tradition

Ásatrú (belief in deities/religion) + Veiðr (hunter-gatherer) = The old religion

Ásatrú (belief in deities/religion) + Byggjandi (agriculturalist) = The religion

When we do that we can look at the high festivals, myths and other traditions and make so much more sense of them.

Knowing this it e. g. makes sense that the spirit of the forest is pictured as an elk in Scandinavian rock carvings, but is described as a deity, Víðarr (“wood”, “forest”), some thousand years later. We know they are the same, simply by looking at other names for Víðarr: he was known also as Elgr, which of course means “elk”.

Norwegian: Elg

Norse: Elgr

Proto-nordic: *AlgiR

Proto-Germanic: *Algiz

Proto-Indo-European: *Alci

(PS. Latin: Alcis)

Even today we call the elk “the king of the forest” in Scandinavia. Well, now you know why…

So when you see petroglyphs with images of elks in Scandinavia, they are Bronze- or Stone Age depictions of Víðarr, the silent god of the forest. Or if you like: when you read myths about Víðarr, you read about the elk in the petroglyphs. What you know about one of these ages can be transferred to the other.

When you possess this key you might be able to see a large four-dimensional picture, rather than just tiny two-dimensional fragments of it.

HailaR WôðanaR!



This page will need to have lots of work done to it and is in no way to be regarded as a finished work. 

To gain some further understanding in regards to our ancient calendar, please watch this video: 

Remember Tîw and keep Tuesday holy.

God Unveiled

Francais. Italiano. MagyarRussianСрпски.

The term “God” is Deus in Latin, from Old Latin Divus. This is actually just a name for the deity we know better as Iuppiter, and from Ancient Greece as Zevs, from Ancient Scandinavia as *Tîwaz and from Sanskrit as Dyaus. All these names derive from proto-Indo-European*Dyeus/*Diwus.

The evolution of the Scandinavian Tyr:

Norwegian: Tyr

Norse: Tyr (pl. Tivar)

Younger proto-Nordic: *TîwaR

Older proto-Nordic: *Tîwaz (=the name used in Scandinavia in Classical Antiquity)

Proto-Indo-European: *Dyeus/*Diwus

The word has come to mean “sky”, but the original meaning is “(heavenly) beams”; it refers to the many light sources on our firmament sending beams of light down to us; the Sun and the Moon as well as millions of stars. *Diwus is a Sky God. The Sky God.

As part of this Sky God you will find many other deities: Sun deities, Moon deities, Lightning deities, Thunder deities, Day deities, Night deities, Dawn deities, Sorcery deities, War deities, Spirit deities, and so forth. They all stem from the Sky God, and are a part of him.

Dear European Christians: this is our God. If you wish to pray to and follow a Sky God, please at least follow our own Sky God, and not some Hebrew demiurge from the desert. HailaR TîwaR!

The Sky God! 


PS. If you still believe our forebears believed that the Earth was flat please take a look at the globe representing the Earth on this wall painting from Pompeii (destroyed anno 79)! Flat Earths are not commonly depicted as globes… 


Beyond the River Ifing

Español. FrançaisItalianoMagyar. PolishRomânăРусский. Serbian.

The world of the ettins is in Scandinavia called Jötunnheimr. Jötunn, English ettin, derives from proto-Germanic *etunaz, and this word means «the hungry», «the gluttonous» and «big eater». Heimr means simply world. So this is the world of the gluttonous powers, the big eaters, but also of the uncontrollable forces of nature, like the power of growth in the wilderness, erupting volcanoes, and the ice and stone asteroids threatening to change life on Earth. The peasant cultivates his land, but must fight the ettins constantly, or else nature takes back what has been cultivated by him. Wild herbs and eventually trees will start to grow in what used to be a field. The forest will prevail over the field; the ettins will win unless the peasant works hard to prevent this.

The ettin is not a name for a different race or anything like that. It is a power of a certain type, wild and some times wonderful, untameable and uncontrollable, and this power can be found in nature, but also in us. The opposite of this ettin power when it operates in usis what we would call moderation or temperance. So the Pagan man is a Stoic, with moderation and temperance as supreme ideals against a wild and untameable ettin power. He knows that he must not allow the ettin power to prevail, he knows that he must work hard to keep the ettin power at bay and he knows that he is a God (or a Goddess) andnot an ettin!

Yes, this is a struggle between the Gods and Goddesses in us and the ettin powers that try to force their way into the land of the Gods and destroy them. There is no malice in what they do, no “evil” intent, just nature – nature as it is supposed to be like.

We can banish our deities by letting nature prevail, but we can also preserve, cultivate and strengthen the power of the Gods in us through – amongst other things, but still most importantly – temperance and moderation. Eat, but don’t eat too much. Drink, but don’t drink too much. Sleep, but don’t sleep too much. Have sex, but don’t have too much sex.

The deities are real, in us, the powers of love and beauty, of harmony and splendour, but if they are defeated and replaced by the ettin power we become ettins ourselves; greedy, gluttonous and obese, drunken, ignorant, lazy and truly sub-human. If we on the other hand fight the ettin power we not only remain human, we can even become true Gods and Goddesses on Earth!

Not all deities are of the exoteric type, though; some are more mysterious and wield sorcerous powers; Mâni (Moon) and Ôðinn (Mind) the sorcerers are good examples. The latter travels to the realm of the dead, learn the secrets of the past as he falls down and is re-born again. He travels in the mind and spirit, he thinks and reasons, contemplates and grows stronger and wiser for each incarnation. He too can be strengthened in us – and again – mainly by temperance and moderation.

In Vafþrûþnismâl we learn that;

15. Seg þat, Gangrâþr! Alls þu â golfi vill

þîns of freista frama:

hvê sû â heitir es deilir meþ jötna sunum

grund auk meþ groþum?

16. Ifing heitir â es deilir meþ jötna sunum

grund auk meþ groþum;

opin rinna hôn skal of aldrdaga,

verþrat îss â â.

(15. “Say, Riddle-reader! Since on the floor

thou fain wouldst show thy skill,

how the River is called which parts the realm

of the Jötun race of the gods.

[Ôðinn answers;]

16. The River is Ifing which parts the realm

of the Jötun race from the gods;

free shall it flow while life days last;

never ice shall come over that stream.”)


The river Ifing is what parts the realm of the ettins and the realm of the gods. The name can have several meanings, but the most probable would be “Undertaking” or “Action”. Only what you do will prevent the powers of the ettins to take over in your life, and you need to do something to keep them out from your divine realm! Work hard, or else the wild forest will take back the land you have cultivated! Work hard, or else your divine and glorious mind will be darkened and slowed by the gluttonous ettin powers. Master and control “sorcerous powers” and be a God or a Goddess, not a degenerate sub-human wallowing in all the gold and physical pleasures of the world. The fair European man has a potential others can only dream of. Use your potential; become divine! It is all in your power to do so; cast aside the ettin powers and hail the European deities! Smash the head of the worm and throw it into the abyss! HailaR WôðanaR! 

Such is the philosophy of Ancient Scandinavia.

Ettin powers;


Uncertain Identity?

Français. MagyarРусский. Serbian.

If you are a European and all of a sudden want to start cultivating the deities in you, what would you do? What deities would e. g. a Spaniard, a Romanian or a Frenchman identify with? What deities would a European American identify with?

To some this might not be so important, but to others it probably is very important. Personally I don’t really like to identify with e. g. Ôðinn, Freyr, Þôrr, Tyr, Njörðr or any others Norse deities, but actually prefer their proto-Nordic names (*WôðanaR, *FraujaR, *ÞunaR, *TîwaR, *NerþuR), or even their (older) proto-Nordic names (*Wôþanaz, *Fraujaz, *Þunaz, *Tîwaz, Nerþuz). I have even reconstructed their names as they probably would have been in the Bronze Age and possibly even in the Neolithic Age (*Woþanas, *Prius, *Dunus, *Diwus, *Nerþus), for MYFAROG, because somehow I felt that this was a natural thing to do. Yes, it is really just a question of names, because the deities are basically the same, all over Europe, no matter what we call them. Zevs = Þôrr = Juppiter = Perun = Perkele = Perkunos = Taranis et cetera.

Whatever feels right for you is right for you. If you are French and feel Gaulish then use a Gaulish name. If you are French and feel Roman then use a Roman name. If you are French and feel Frankish then use a Scandinavian name. If you really don’t care or are in doubt just check out where your forebears came from, or perhaps where most of your forebears came from, and use the names most commonly used in their homeland. The name is not so important in itself; what is important is your relationship to the name and how it inspires you to become better. HailaR WôðanaR!

Stones in Brittany!

téléchargement (2)!

Stones in Scandinavia. 

Hunnfeltet, Skjærviken



The Vibrations of the Universe

DeutschMagyar. Serbian.

Yesterday I wrote about how  rituals and the theatres and temples had (and can still have) a religious and spiritual purpose (NB. This post has been removed!). Naturally with music it is no different. Music, or indeed sounds in general, can also help elevate man to the divine. Or it can be used to lower man’s spirit into the dephts of the Earth, into the spiritual abyss, to strengthen the ettin power in us (i. e. awaken base instincts) and to suppress the gods in us.

So before I continue I suggest you click here and let the music of Daemonia Nymphecall upon the power of the Nocturnal Hecate, a Greek deity of sorcery, known in Scandinavia as Mâni, found inside you, in your own fantastic spirit. Let this spell invoke the sorcerous powers that you will need to fully appreciate this post. Ave Hecate! Come to us and lift us up to your divine being!


Just like the divine light forms and shapes our minds so does sounds. The European man who has only ever heard the birds sing, the winds howling, water running in the creeks, the waves washing the bare rock-face or the beaches, animals moving about in the forest, his loving family’s voices, water boiling, thunder in the clouds, rain falling and wood burning under the cauldron is never a cruel and sinister man. He is a thoroughly good man, because his European nature is perfectly intact; no poison is to be found in his words, no ill will in his thoughts, nothing impure in his spirit.

The world is different today, and all sorts of sounds penetrates into our minds every day, disturbing the harmony therein, causing us to feel uncomfortable. A mealstrom is being stirred up in there, made up of sounds clashing and words recoiling and bouncing off the inside of our heads. Or so it can feel anyhow. We feel tired, we get headaches, we grow melancholic or even depressed, we more become aggressive and it becomes harder to stay in a good mood. The sorcery of sounds has its effect. And we let it work without any guidance or control, not even knowing such a sorcery exists.

Sound is as powerful as light is; it influences us no less than light does and still we allow ourselves to be exposed to disharmonic, loud, extreme and uncomfortable sounds all the time. Would you stand and stare at the Sun or even a shining light bulb? No? Then why would you live or work in a noisy city, and let the no less powerful sounds have a similiar effect on you?

The most harmonious sounds we know are of course what we call music, and this can be used to stimulate the good in you, to make the deities grow stronger in you, to strengthen your mind and make you more courageous – like Scottish highlander bag pipe music during an assault, or drums in war in general – to inspire and to lift your mind. Music is sorcery! Every song is a spell!

The deity of music in Scandinavia is called Bragi, but this is just another name for Baldr, so the deity of music in Scandinavia is Baldr. His Greek name is Apollon. He is the most pure and innocent of all the gods, and I hope you understand why I want to end with the Second Delphian Hymn to Apollo. Let the light of Baldr shine upon you; let his celestial music banish all darkness in you. Ave Apollon! HailaR BalðuR!  


It is not a requirement in European Paganism for ‘maidens’ to keep their heads covered, but it is highly recommended for ‘ladies’ to keep their heads covered.

The fact that so many do not cover their heads today is rooted in for example feminism and liberalism. If one claims to profess to follow the Old Ways prior to our forced Christianization around 800 years back, it is best for the women to keep their heads covered. This is not a Christian custom either as per the Orthodox church. This custom is very much a European (i.e.=PAGAN) one.

covered head

Deeper insight into “maiden” and “lady”:

+Frau and Fraulein as terms for Lady and Maiden come from the root of holy Maiden Freya and the holy Mother Frigga. Freya is the unmarried Frigga and Frigga is the married Freya. A maiden is in Freya’s role, and lady is in Frigga’s role. The Gods are our Elder Kin. They are us and we are them. Asgard is Spirit Garden here on Earth, as is Middle Earth the burial mound with rebirth in the tribe for honorable ones, the now children of Freya and Freyr, the Lord and Lady, the two parents of Elves, the Noble Spirits of our Folk who died. Indeed, you see the dancing and the love of poetry, as the TALES are the only things keeping them alive as they are MEMORIES. Not Norse Heaven, there is no supernatural Heaven realm but that of life on Earth. Hel is the Grave. It is the River of Lost Memories. Honor your roots, or you too will be in Hel (hidden, forevermore lost). Honor by sanctifying the ancestral roots, as they are your Tree of Life.-

Covered Girls.———– Because they’re Wyrð it. ‪#‎Pagan‬ ‪#‎European‬


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