“Our Race Was Secure In Its Existence”






“It is with money that organized Jewry, some say “Zionists,” conquered the world. All the armies of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon and Stalin have faded away, but the awesome power of International Finance marches on in its relentless quest for total world domination. President Clinton’s trip to China finalized the Zionist New World Order exactly as planned by their Kabbalistic target date of July 4th (74) 1998 (666+666+666).” – http://www.DavidLane1488.com/Money.html

Note: WWW. = 666 in Jewish Gematria and that is the number of the Man, David born on 1938 who would become known for 14 words and 88 precepts.


“Latter-Day Saints”)))

Saint is derived from Roman God Sancus: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sancus

We are in the Last Days of this Kali Yuga (Dark Age) before there comes a “New Earth” so to speak:

There is no such thing as “Last Days of all Time” but Last Days of the Present Kali Yuga Cycle with a New Era to precede this present Dark Age.
That is the true Cyclic view.

We are the True Latter-Day Saints.
Meaning we are the Faithful children of God (Woden).
Saint means Separatist as well as coming from the name of of the son of Iu-Pater (Juppiter) who is Tiw, Zeus, Theos, Div, Dievas, Deuos, Deus, TiwaR hailed every Tuesday, Father Tiw/Tiwaz whom Woden is an aspect of.

As for Mormonism, it is a polytheistic ancestral cult using Christian terminology.
If you follow the advice and teaching of David Lane, you can decipher Mormon doctrine and the whole KJV.

“The KJV is as finest an Odinist book ever written” – David Lane



Varg Vikernes Affirms Polygamy and Precept 34)))

Our living prophet Varg Vikernes re-affirming the teachings of our late prophet David Eden Lane and supporting polygamy in this video.

Read what our late prophet had to say about Polygamy at:



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Varg Vikernes also affirms the position that we have always maintained, and that is the best age for a woman to marry is around the ages of 16 to 20.

Using the language of the Moderns, that means Varg Vikernes supports so-called “child brides“/”underage marriage” (i.e. before 18) as did David Lane. In reality, this is actually “legal” in most of the world with parental consent. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriageable_age#By_country

If you won’t accept David Lane telling you that the traditional marriage age for young women is 16 to 20 then maybe you will listen to Varg Vikernes?

Our outreach ministry fundamentally supports what the Modern World calls “child marriage“, “statutory rape” and so-called “crimes against humanity” (hypocritical as the Jewish religion allows penetration of 3 year old girls whereas the natural age for marriage is around 15/16 and this is accepted throughout the whole world as an acceptable age for marriage with parental consent which we also promote unless the females are captured in our religion). Note that when we say these things, they mean something different to us than what they mean to many. We don’t support for example a 4 year old marrying, but we do oppose calling 17 “child marriage” and that is the so-called “child marriage” that we support. The “crimes against humanity” we support are our Law within the concept of a power system. For example, if a so-called “death squad” carried out an execution, it would be called a “crime against humanity” by the power-systems in place,  but if a system in power carried out said execution, it would be called “punishment“. It is simply a matter of semantics.

We affirm the 88 Precepts and we affirm that 16 is a great age for Traditional European women to marry. We also affirm that a man around the age of 30 or so can marry a women who is 17 or 16 or 15.

David Lane and Varg Vikernes both agree our men have to EARN wives and a “right” to breed.  We do not support so-called “reproductive rights“. You can’t just marry. It has to be partly earned through service to the Folk. Within proper contexts, a man has to kill enemies of our people. See quote at the far-bottom. Any European man who refuses to protect the Folk is not fit to breed and is a coward who should be put to death under our Law.

An example of our Law is: “Traitors and deserters are hanged on trees; the coward, the unwarlike, the man stained with abominable vices, is plunged into the mire of the morass with a hurdle put over him. This distinction in punishment means that crime, they think, ought, in being punished, to be exposed, while infamy ought to be buried out of sight- Lighter offences, too, have penalties proportioned to them; he who is convicted, is fined in a certain number of horses or of cattle.” – http://legacy.fordham.edu/halsall/source/tacitus1.html

Here is Precept 34, which is a divinely-inspired commandment:

The instinct for sexual union is part of Nature’s perfect mechanism for specie preservation. It begins early in life and often continues until late in life. It must not be repressed; its purpose, reproduction, must not be thwarted either. Understand that for thousands of years our females bore children at an early age. Now, in an attempt to conform to and compete in an alien culture, they deny their Nature-ordained instincts and duties. Teach responsibility, but, also, have understanding. The life of a race springs from the wombs of its women. He who would judge must first understand the difference between what is good and what is right.” – Precept 34

Here is from a divinely-inspired short-story that our late prophet wrote:

“How old is this Eric, anyhow?”

“I think he’s about twenty-six,” said Linda.

“Kinda old for a girl that’s just turned sixteen, don’t you think?”

No Kinslander has a right to take a mate and reproduce until he has proven his value to the folk in battle, and killed enemies of our people,” Sheila informed her. “That’s why most Kinslander men are ten or twenty years older than their mates. When a girl starts having periods and develops womanly attributes and gets ‘boy crazy‘, that’s nature saying it’s time to mate.”



The Vibrations of the Universe

Yesterday I wrote about how  rituals and the theatres and temples had (and can still have) a religious and spiritual purpose (NB. This post has been removed!). Naturally with music it is no different. Music, or indeed sounds in general, can also help elevate man to the divine. Or it can be used to lower man’s spirit into the dephts of the Earth, into the spiritual abyss, to strengthen the ettin power in us (i. e. awaken base instincts) and to suppress the gods in us.

So before I continue I suggest you click here and let the music of Daemonia Nymphecall upon the power of the Nocturnal Hecate, a Greek deity of sorcery, known in Scandinavia as Mâni, found inside you, in your own fantastic spirit. Let this spell invoke the sorcerous powers that you will need to fully appreciate this post. Ave Hecate! Come to us and lift us up to your divine being!


Just like the divine light forms and shapes our minds so does sounds. The European man who has only ever heard the birds sing, the winds howling, water running in the creeks, the waves washing the bare rock-face or the beaches, animals moving about in the forest, his loving family’s voices, water boiling, thunder in the clouds, rain falling and wood burning under the cauldron is never a cruel and sinister man. He is a thoroughly good man, because his European nature is perfectly intact; no poison is to be found in his words, no ill will in his thoughts, nothing impure in his spirit.

The world is different today, and all sorts of sounds penetrates into our minds every day, disturbing the harmony therein, causing us to feel uncomfortable. A mealstrom is being stirred up in there, made up of sounds clashing and words recoiling and bouncing off the inside of our heads. Or so it can feel anyhow. We feel tired, we get headaches, we grow melancholic or even depressed, we more become aggressive and it becomes harder to stay in a good mood. The sorcery of sounds has its effect. And we let it work without any guidance or control, not even knowing such a sorcery exists.

Sound is as powerful as light is; it influences us no less than light does and still we allow ourselves to be exposed to disharmonic, loud, extreme and uncomfortable sounds all the time. Would you stand and stare at the Sun or even a shining light bulb? No? Then why would you live or work in a noisy city, and let the no less powerful sounds have a similiar effect on you?

The most harmonious sounds we know are of course what we call music, and this can be used to stimulate the good in you, to make the deities grow stronger in you, to strengthen your mind and make you more courageous – like Scottish highlander bag pipe music during an assault, or drums in war in general – to inspire and to lift your mind. Music is sorcery! Every song is a spell!

The deity of music in Scandinavia is called Bragi, but this is just another name for Baldr, so the deity of music in Scandinavia is Baldr. His Greek name is Apollon. He is the most pure and innocent of all the gods, and I hope you understand why I want to end with the Second Delphian Hymn to Apollo. Let the light of Baldr shine upon you; let his celestial music banish all darkness in you. Ave Apollon! HailaR BalðuR!