Precept 11





“It is with money that organized Jewry, some say “Zionists,” conquered the world. All the armies of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon and Stalin have faded away, but the awesome power of International Finance marches on in its relentless quest for total world domination. President Clinton’s trip to China finalized the Zionist New World Order exactly as planned by their Kabbalistic target date of July 4th (74) 1998 (666+666+666).” –

Note: WWW. = 666 in Jewish Gematria and that is the number of the Man, David born on 1938 who would become known for 14 words and 88 precepts.

“Latter-Day Saints”)))

Saint is derived from Roman God Sancus:

We are in the Last Days of this Kali Yuga (Dark Age) before there comes a “New Earth” so to speak:

There is no such thing as “Last Days of all Time” but Last Days of the Present Kali Yuga Cycle with a New Era to precede this present Dark Age.
That is the true Cyclic view.

We are the True Latter-Day Saints.
Meaning we are the Faithful children of God (Woden).
Saint means Separatist as well as coming from the name of of the son of Iu-Pater (Juppiter) who is Tiw, Zeus, Theos, Div, Dievas, Deuos, Deus, TiwaR hailed every Tuesday, Father Tiw/Tiwaz whom Woden is an aspect of.

As for Mormonism, it is a polytheistic ancestral cult using Christian terminology.
If you follow the advice and teaching of David Lane, you can decipher Mormon doctrine and the whole KJV.

“The KJV is as finest an Odinist book ever written” – David Lane